Awkward Bachelorette moment Angie Kent reckons Osher should win a Logie for

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelorette 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Brooke Blurton's season.

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Angie Kent gives her hot take on Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette 2021. Photo: Supplied

We are kicking off this week with a single date with the new fella Luca, aka ‘Mr Come in Late and Steal Yo Girl’.

The date is Top Gun themed. Brooke looked cute as a button but other than that, I don’t overly have too much to say TBH. Luca has come in too late that I just can’t invest. I get it, he probably ticks all the boxes but I am already semi invested in the other people Brooke has made connections with so I am just going to leave it at that. Not saying he doesn’t have a solid chance, just sayin’ I am not quite ready to form any kind of attachment to this new flame situation just yet. Pashes and roses were given though. So good on you ‘’Mr Steal Yo Girl’.

The Bachelorette 2021 group date
Angie thinks Kurt is just like Timm from her season of The Bachelorette. Photo: Channel 10

Group date time

Our mate Timm 2.0, aka Kurt, won the group date intense obstacle course challenge (ehh). I can’t get over how much Kurt and Timm sound the same and kind of look the same. It’s fully wigging me out. Although, Kurt lacks the same zest for life as Timm. Kurt and Brooke chat and chat and chat to the point Brooke is practically sitting on his lap with her lips puckered waiting for that pash. Brooke finally gets it, and he gets a rose.


Cocktail party drama

The cocktail party drama for the evening was Carissa ejecting herself from the love safari. Look, fair enough. Sometimes it can take you to be fully in the situation where you know the Bachelorette will in fact be dating many other people at once, to realise that it ain’t your cup of tea. It wasn’t really much of a thing, but I get it. I think after the bad pash session from the other week's episode, it was kind of obvious it was going to be done and dusted. End of story in my eyes.

The kiss that Osher deserves a Logie for

OH my sweet Lord baby Jesus, Brooke and Jamie Lee’s single date beating the Guinness Book of Records for the longest onscreen kiss, I got so sweaty. I personally could not think of much worse than having Osher and some random dude from the Guinness Book of Records watching me kiss for an awkward amount of time.

Brooke and Jamie-Lee kissing
Brooke and Jamie-Lee's Guiness World Record breaking kiss. Photo: Channel 10

That is such a long time to kiss out of the bedroom. What says romance more than standing that high up, in dead silence (because we forget that romantic music comes in post production) with two grown ass men staring at you - one with a timer and a clipboard and one yelling out random facts. I know at first, kissing in front of a camera and a camera crew and whoever else is around can seem so weird but you do fully forget that they are around after a while. But kissing with Osh right there, It’s like your dad watching you. I love you Osh but I don’t want you watching me kiss for that long, ever. He better win a Logie for that. Throwing out the kissing facts like a boss. Always delivering.

Osher on The Bachelorette
Osher looked on like a proud dad. Photo: Channel 10

I do however love that Brooke and Jamie Lee made history. And it being a kiss shared between two women- amazing. I don’t know if it’s because I am wildly immature but I would have laughed 30 seconds into that. If they don’t get pash rash after that then I don’t know if it’s even a thing. I will however take a moment to appreciate just how monumental this moment is for LGBTQ+ representation on television.

Ryan and Jamie-Lee scandal

Timm 2.0 is fully throwing Ryan and Jamie-Lee under the bus. We aren’t there, so of course we only have what we are shown right in front of us and what Kurt is saying. From what I gather and from what Twitter is going offfffff about, It seems like it’s the case of the ol cis gender straight man not picking up on the fact women can just be your mate. They say there’s always one person in a relationship that likes the other person more, maybe Ryan crushes Jamie Lee but Jamie-Lee is so invested in Brooke.

The scandal seems to be that a man couldn’t believe a woman was just being a mate. Sad one. But also, dah. It happens all the time. If I had a dollar for every time a man thought I was flirting with him when I literally talk to everyone the exact same way and then they make it a me (woman) problem when it’s like dude, I can be your friend without wanting to f*ck you.

The fact that Jamie-Lee immediately feels as though she's in the wrong is where society has done wrong by women, time and time again. Internalised misogyny at its finest. Women have been made to feel that we have to go into defence mode simply because we have been made to believe by society that we must have done something in order for the man to develop one sided feelings. Smack my god damn head.

Ryan and Jamie-Lee on The Bachelorette 2021
The Ryan and Jamie-Lee drama took off. Photo: Channel 10
Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette 2021
Brooke looked stressed out over the situation. Photo: Channel 10

But also, this drama would be WAY more juicy if it wasn't Ryan’s first real sighting on camera. I feel I may have seen him for like 5.5 seconds prior to this absolute madness.

I get why Brooke would want to speak with Jamie-Lee over Ryan about this madness. Brooke said herself that she has no connection with Ryan, therefore she probably doesn’t trust him. You have limited time to get to the bottom of Bachie mansion madness (take it from me) so you go to the person who you feel will tell you the truth. Not because she is blaming Jamie-Lee or thinking Jamie-Lee did something, but for Detective Steve to tell her that rumour has it that Ryan likes Jamie Lee so that must be Jamie-Lee’s issue.

People are disappointed to see these sort of double standards when we have been sold that this season was supposed to break the barriers of past seasons. But let's just remember that Brooke would have spoken to Ryan. We just didn’t see it. It’s still a show at the end of the day and the show needs its drama. There has been none really so far, it’s been wholesome AF. We would whinge if there wasn’t any drama or tea being spilled. So the big wigs are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

I will give Ryan this much, a big Kudos for delivering the absolute classic Bachie drama madness we have all become so accustomed to, in less than a minute of screen time over these last three weeks.That’s a skill in itself. Your job here is done.

See ya next week lovers x

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