Bachelorette Angie Kent on 'triggering' moment from Brooke's season

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelorette 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Brooke Blurton's season.

A headshot of Angie Kent wearing a light pink lace dress. Photo: supplied.
Angie Kent gives her hot take on Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette 2021. Photo: supplied.

WE'RE BACK and we are starting off with our second single date of the series: Brooke feat. Holly.

They take us on a little dance date and, from being around town in the TV world, I can see that they have used professional dancer Jarryd Byrne from Dancing with the Stars! A little Warner Bros crossover moment.

Maybe they are gearing Brooke up for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars fresh after The Bachelorette? Be warned Brooke...Have a break! It's TOO much with a fresh public partner. But let's hope your partner will WAY more supportive than mine was, if that’s the case you will be right as rain. Get your dance shoes on sis!


The Bachelorette Australia 2021 star Brooke Blurton gives contestant Holly Langford a rose on an evening date. Photo: Channel 10.
Brooke handed Holly a rose at the end of their romantic single date. Photo: Channel 10.

Holly opens up

I love Holly's chat about her first queer date after being in a straight relationship for so long. It's the conversation so many of us queer folk have had/want to have. A BIG YES about 'who you are on the inside' - I feel this! When society expects you to have a cis straight relationship but you have other feelings deep down that you aren't 100 percent sure how to navigate, it can be so hard.

I wish this conversation was aired years ago. It’s not about the genitalia! Big PHAT YES Brooke! As if we couldn't love you anymore than we do. Gender identity isn't the same as your sexuality. Gender is about you and how you identify and sexuality is who you like, the other person. It's not so black and white. This chat needed to be had and I have goosebumps. It’s hearts not parts! And Brooke and Holly are serving us this. As the king of The Bachelor franchise, Osher, said himself the whole conversation between these two should be shown to anyone who can’t grasp the concept of non-heteronormative life! PREACH!

The Bachelorette Australia 2021 star Brooke Blurton with quote overlay. Photo: Channel 10.
Brooke opened up about finally feeling represented on Aussie TV. Photo: Channel 10.

Group date time. I love how die-hard people get about these. Makes you feel so special when you’re in it. Special but so cringe. People competing to spend extra time with you. Or is it just because we are all SO conditioned to want to win any competitive activity we are in since we were forced to do school sports carnivals?

Darvid is like the high school jock but also the nice guy that everyone is jealous of because he’s good at everything. Then throw in boys VS girls... my god, I am living out my childhood terrors all over again. I never want to see boys vs girls anything ever again. But I get it given these circumstances. It needs to be done. They need that precious Brooke time. Gender comps though. Ehh.

Brooke doing it for the young Brooke! Do it for the people who have felt unrepresented. I think most of us had our hearts ache that little bit harder when she said this.

The 'Bachie bubble'

Darvid and Brooke's kiss at the cocktail party was steamy and romantic AF. It’s clear he’s top 3, if not top 2. I felt like I was third-wheeling during that pash it went for so long. It seems like it’s quick to have these full-on feels, but in the Bachie bubble one hour feels like four days.

You spend so much more time with these people that you don’t get to see on TV. So the feels come in hot. Plus, you aren’t able to think about anything else but love. So it makes sense. It’s only episode three and I feel like the top 3 is so obvious. BUT there’s so much more to come. And the way Brooke makes connections and how much they’re falling for her... I wouldn’t be surprised if she has connections with a solid handful of contestants.

There weren't that many contenders to start with but I swear when people leave I am still like, 'Wait what, who that?' But as the Bachelorette that’s what happens; you make connections with people who never get shown. There's a lot you don’t see.

The Bachelorette Australia 2021 star Brooke Blurton and Konrad Bien wear clay face masks on a single date. Photo: Channel 10.
Brooke and Konrad cosy up on their spa-themed single date. Photo: Channel 10.

Konrad with a K gets the next single date. I feel like I have seen a lot of memes and tweets and Instagram posts about this fella. Rob Thomas Matchbox 20 vibes and the fact he made a love chair for the red carpet is all I can remember of him. Until this date. He seems like a dream boat. I fully didn’t see this bad boy tradie vibe the show has been trying to get across to the audience. Maybe I am watching a different show. But we will roll with it.

They really gave these two a lot of airtime for this date. Konrad seems freakin' cute. Or he could just come across freakin' cute and then turns out to be a total f*ck boi... we have seen that happen before. I know those feels, when you’re so vulnerable and hold so much space for men to connect with you and then they go and take a huge shit all over that space after the show. I hope no one does that to Brooke because she is just so damn pure and vulnerable and we as a nation need to protect her AT ALL COSTS! She deserves her happy ever after.

Go-karts, Carissa and kisses

Group date #2 time - I don't even want to comment on them. They fully trigger me. I don’t even know why. Maybe just seeing grown-ass humans competing for time for someone. Or gender vs gender doesn’t overly sit well with me either.

One thing I will comment on the group date with the go-karts and the domestic duties... imagine getting fully whiplashed and pushing through that pain because you so desperately want those potential sweet sweet kisses from Brooke? Taje girl, that is some dedication right there.

Then the folding of the laundry and untangling fairylights... do you see what I mean now? Surely I can’t be the only person who gets a weird somatic response to group dates? Necks whipped, fairylights semi-untangled and Taje after all that doesn’t even get picked. Spewing. Hope her neck is ok. Carissa gets post-group date hangs and I have never seen her in my life. Chat was good. Kiss... not so much. And you can read it ALL over Brooke’s face.

Kissing is everything in this experience other than bulk chats. So if you kiss someone and it’s not there… it’s really hard. I had one fella who I was SO smitten with and we were probably the most connected… but our kissing just didn’t flow. Which really threw me. It was one of the reasons I couldn’t pick him. So I get it. But then, you can teach someone how to flow with your kisses. You can’t change a person. So you also don’t want to get too carried away with them kisses. Sexual chemistry is not always something you should lead with in this experience. That’s for damn sure!

The Bachelorette 2021: four intruders Luca, Millie, Jess and Will. Photo: Channel 10.
Meet the four intruders: Luca, Millie, Jess and Will. Photo: Channel 10.

Pardon the intrusion

Then Osher comes into the cocktail party and everyone shits their dacks. He tells Brooke four new people are coming in. He takes her Champagne from her (the nerve, the gall, the cheek, the gumption) and walks off.

Cue the intruders! I don’t know how I feel about intruders. Throwing people in after two full weeks of connections. That’s a bit of a disadvantage and you’re already kind of set in your cult Bachie bubble ways.

Anything new would wig you out. You already pull your hair out over who gets to go on what date with the time you have. It’s like a work roster of sorts. Then boom… you’ve got to factor in four new colleagues. Give them enough of a chance to be able to fit into the workspace, but got to keep your other team mates happy. Wild times.

Four people go. Is it the drama we crave? Will this bring in the ratings? What do we need/want! We’ve become greedy little TV watchers because all we've had for the last two years is ample amounts of time to watch our shows so we have turned into snobs. That must be it.

Four gone and some newbies thrown in the mix. Heavy.

Until next week fam x

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