The Bachelorette's Angie Kent on being 'low-key jealous' of Brooke Blurton's season

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelorette 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Brooke Blurton's season.

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Angie Kent gives her hot take on Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette 2021. Photo: Supplied

The Bachelorette is back and we are making history with our first EVER bisexual bachelorette and our first Indigenous leading lady, Brooke. Not only is she stunning, funny, vulnerable, smart (the list continues), she is making a stand for so many people who feel they haven’t had the time or space held for them or received a platform on mainstream TV. WHATTA win.

Brooke is no newbie to the whole Bachie world. Third time’s a charm, so they say. And I pray for her sake that this is true.I am not sure how she’s handled this wild world now three times. That is some dedication, faith and resilience. GO girl!


Having guys and gals is huge. Egos a-go-go. Dealing with cis men is challenging enough, then add in cis women and people who have probably never have their worlds collide, all in a filming environment none of them except Brooke is used to, it's huge. The queer world is magical. A lot of these cis men wouldn’t have much idea about this world. So it would be a new experience for a lot of them. Let's enjoy the show shall we.

The first episode gave me all the feels. Acknowledging the land and respect to our elders and peoples past and present - that moment made history alone. And our first kiss being a queer pash - SO MUCH YES! So why are we not rating? Ratings are in and they were morbid. Are we exhausted by the franchise? Are we out and about having our own version of a queer Bachelorette because most of us are out of lockdown now?

Brooke Blurton in a promotional shot for the Bachelorette
Brooke Blurton is back on our screen as the Bachelorette 2021. Photo: Instagram/Brooke Blurton

The Bachelorette kicks off with another group photoshoot

Even though we are making history, the concept is still the same. Obviously there’s no Bach or Bachelorette without the famous red carpet, first cocktail party, the first rose ceremony and the first group date being the damn photoshoot. I was expecting more from this photoshoot, I am not going to lie. But let's face it, no photoshoot will ever beat Timm in a lobster suit with his lobster balls hanging out and Wazza chuckin' a nanna over being a chook for the day. Also who could forget the infamous wandering fingers comment from our mate the horse's ass. But God damn Brooke looked sensational. It was awkward to watch, as per usual, but the glam was on point.

Brooke's 'cute' first date with Darvid

The first single date starts with Brooke and Darvid on a helicopter. It must be hard to get creative. But at least the outfits and makeup are forever on point. Then, it's on to abseiling and deep chats, what else could you ask for?

Brooke's vulnerability is endearing and very impressive. The pressure to do this a third time now, trying to let go of the cluster f*ck of her time on Honey Badger’s season of the Bach and then her time on Bach in Paradise, where she didn’t get picked over dog park Bill (no comment is a solid enough indication what I am thinking there) being the leading lady this time around and bringing that queer element we all want to see. Let’s face it, we were totally sick of seeing another blonde white girl being the Bachelorette. Look it’s hard to say with being the patron saint of basic white girls (yes I titled myself that just now, I need something), but it’s the truth. There’s no time like now for all this change.

Brooke Blurton and Darvid
Brooike picked Darvid for the first single date. Photo: Channel 10

I read a post from an amazing Indigenous artist, Rachael Sarra, who is a good friend of Brooke’s about how proud she is of her sister, but if we could all take a moment to acknowledge everyone losing all of their minds in 2021 that we have a leading lady that isn’t a white female or male. It deserves recognition and appreciation of course, but it is 2021. It should not have got this far for it be a first that we are showing a leading bach/ bachelorette not just being interested in the opposite sex or being white.

So with this being said, we need to appreciate this season as it if it is our new normal, because it certainly is. I am excited to see what the franchise does with this and show us what we have been looking for, as we have all been crying boredom for a few years now. Create the space for queer relationships to form, sit back, relax, and embrace what so many of us wish we could do but have’t on mainstream TV out of fear of gender stereotypes and what is expected to be seen.

With that being said, the first date was cute. You can seriously feel Brooke wants to find love, which is refreshing. And old mate seemed smitten which we love to see. But I want to see more of the girls and Brooke. The men are going to have to step up their game. Channel 10 casting have shown real life - being pans myself, once you start dating in the queer world you really do expect cisgender men to step the hell up. Take note fellas.

Drama kicks up a gear at the second cocktail party

Second cocktail party and the drama is revving up as per usual. But let's talk about Brooke wearing a power suit for the first real cocktail party. Getting rid of the stock standard sexy dress numbers straight up - Here for it. Men are stealing time, women are speaking their truth about the connection between Brooke and the other women. It’s all happening. People who I don’t remember even seeing left. That’s the name of the game.

Brooke Blurton on The Bachelorette
Angie said she is 'low-key jealous' of Brooke Blurton's season of The Bachelorette. Photo: Instagram/Brooke Blurton

Well that’s it. We’re back, but this time with our delectable queer Indigenous Bachelorette and she’s making connections quick sticks because she knows the drill, handin’ out them roses and we are here for it. Well, I know I am.

If you aren’t used to watching two girls who are into each other kissing, well it’s time to get used to it. It’s just like riding a bike. Because as mentioned above it’s 2021 and this is the new norm and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am low-key jealous, just saying. I wish I felt the courage to admit my pansexual side back when I was the 2019 Bachelorette. But you know what, everything happens for a reason and NOW is the RIGHT time. So I am going to live vicariously through our girl Brooke.

Chookas chick. You got this! x

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