Bachelor Jed suffers 'brutal' rejection in premiere: 'Bash to the ego'

The Bachelors star was left fuming by a date's rejection.

The Bachelors' Jed McIntosh was left stunned during the season premiere on Monday night when he suffered a "brutal" rejection by one of the show's contestants. The new format sees the three new Bachelors go on a series of speed dates and find 10 women they'd like to get to know further, rather than the famous red carpet meeting of the previous seasons.

Jed's first date with a girl he labels as "perfect" seems to go very well, until she rejects him, with some fans believing he refused to offer future roses due to the embarrassment of being rejected after the first date.

The Bachelors' Jed
The Bachelors' Jed was left unimpressed when he was rejected by his first date Catelyn. Photo: Ten

While the women handle the Bachelor's rejection pretty well, Jed himself isn't as humble.

During the date, Jed and psychology graduate Catelyn appear to get along well, with Catelyn asking big questions, including how he can prove to her that he's ready to settle down.

"I mean, she was straight into it, but I liked that because we just cut the bull crap," Jed tells the cameras. "That's the confidence that I love and she gave it to me."


"I reckon you're perfect," he tells Catelyn. "And I definitely want to get to know you a lot more, so my last thing is – Catelyn, will you accept this rose?"

"So, it has been lovely to get to know you, but unfortunately I'm not going to accept this rose," she responds. "I feel like, definitely a friendship and a huge love of comfort between us, but I'm not quite sure that it's romantic. I wish the best for you and I hope that you meet someone."

She continues, "I'd love to stay friends and stay in contact."

"Yeah, good," Jed tells her, as he starts to leave. "Well it was lovely meeting you. Cheers."

"Please don't hate me!" Catelyn calls after him.

The Bachelors' Jed and Catelyn
Jed described it as a 'bash to the ego' to be rejected. Photo: Ten

Jed is then heard telling a producer, "She doesn't think I'm hot? What a bash to the ego!"

"Do you know what? Better to know now," a producer tells him.

In a piece to camera, Jed is asked to explain what happened, with the Bachelor responding, "It was brutal, absolutely brutal! I thought I was the one making those decisions, but apparently not.

"Onto the next one I guess... F**k me!" he fumes.

After later rejecting many of his next dates, Jed finally offers a rose to Jasmine after their yoga date (after initially leaving without giving her one). He later progresses to kissing other dates.

Many Twitter users thought Jed's first rejection led him to be icy with his next dates.

"Jed’s gonna be the first Bachelor without any dates at this rate," one user said about the situation.

"Did Jed say no to Emma just because he's p***ed about being rejected by the first girl? And every girl after her?" another added.


"Jed is definitely giving off 25yr old vibes considering the way he’s handling this rejection," a third said.

"Jed’s gone from rejecting women straight up to full on tonsil hockey. Definitely done a 180 here," someone else joked.

"This episode is two hours long because Jed went through 600 women," another wrote.

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