Bachelor's Irena responds to 'secret wedding' rumours after SAS trailer

Irena Srbinovska has shut down rumours that she and her partner Locky Gilbert are secretly married following a surprising comment he made in a recent trailer for SAS Australia.

The two-time Survivor player, who is set to appear on season three of the military training show later this month, shared a promo video on social media on Tuesday where he says he wants to be “a better husband”.

The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert on SAS Australia.
A recent trailer for SAS Australia shows former Bachelor Locky Gilbert saying he wants to be ‘a better husband’. Photo: Channel Ten

Shortly after posting the clip online, a number of Locky’s Instagram followers rushed to the comments to question whether he and Irena had gotten hitched in secret since meeting on The Bachelor in 2020.

“'A better husband’? Did you get married to Irena?” one fan asked.

Fellow Bachelor star Alex Nation also wrote “Husband” alongside a side-eye emoji, to which Irena replied, “Haha I heard that too”.

Yahoo Lifestyle has since reached out to Irena to try and set the record straight, and she confirmed that she and Locky aren’t married.

“Oh my goodness when I heard that I was even like, ‘What husband?,” she said.


“But we are not secretly hitched. Locky always refers to me as his wifey or Mrs Gilbert so that’s where that would have come from.”

However, fans shouldn’t be too surprised if the pair make an announcement in the near future, with Irena adding: “No engagement and no secret wedding… Yet!”

The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska.
Locky’s partner Irena Srbinovska has shut down rumours they’re married. Photo: Channel Ten

Irena’s comments come shortly after she spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and shared what she thinks could be Locky's potential downfall on SAS Australia.

“Locky’s biggest thing will be that he is very competitive,” she said. “He does not like to lose, and when he gets so competitive I’m just worried that he might injure himself trying to compete so hard.

“But I said to him, injure yourself all you like because I can look after you. Unlike anyone else there, he’s got his own private nurse at home so he’s very lucky.”

She also revealed that Locky has wanted to do an SAS course “his entire adult life” and the TV experience has helped him tick off a major bucket list item.

“It’s just something that he’s always wanted to do because he loves pushing his body to its absolute physical limit,” she continued.

“I think he'll do really well. What I’ve seen of him in his training, I know physically, without a doubt, he can do it. Mentally he's probably stronger than he's ever been.”

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