Bachelor Locky labels himself an 'egotistical fame junkie' in SAS trailer

He’s made a name for himself starring on both Australian Survivor and The Bachelor, but now Locky Gilbert is set to face a whole new set of challenges on SAS Australia.

Channel Seven has released a new promo for season three of the military training show featuring the 32-year-old participating in a number of intense psychical and psychological tests.

Bachelor Locky Gilbert on SAS Australia.
Former Bachelor Locky Gilbert is set to star in season three of SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

“I’ve survived a lot of things. I’ve survived an island and a pack of girls. This is my fourth TV show, how hard can this be?” he remarks in the trailer.

“I’m an egotistical, fame junkie. I am this tough alpha male.”

Right before he is shown being lit on fire in one very extreme task, Chief Instructor Ant Middleton yells at Locky for being “too cocky”.

“This isn’t a reality show. You understand me?” the former soldier and marine whispers in his ear.

Other parts of the video feature Locky dangling off a helicopter, pushing a military vehicle uphill and climbing up a waterfall.

The clip also shows Locky butting heads with fellow recruit Pauly Fenech, who he angrily calls “a liability” in one scene.

“If we’re in a team, I don’t trust you,” he tells the comedian during another confrontation.

Another scene features the pair mid-argument where Pauly, who is known for creating the TV shows Fat Pizza and Housos, threatens to “smash [Locky] in the face”.


As well as Locky and Pauly, the full celebrity line-up includes Olympians Geoff Huegill and Melissa Wu, professional boxers Ebanie Bridges and Michael Zerafa, fellow reality TV star Anna Heinrich, footballers Barry Hall, Darius Boyd, Ellia Green and Millie Boyle, actors Melissa Tkautz and Orpheus Pledger, motorsports presenter Riana Crehan, convicted drug dealer Richard Buttrose, model Simone Holtznagel, and AFL commentator Wayne Carey.

Bachelor Locky Gilbert being lit on fire and pushing a military vehicle on SAS Australia.
A new trailer features Locky enduring a number of intense psychical and psychological tests. Photos: Channel Seven

The new SAS promo comes shortly after Locky’s partner Irena Srbinovska spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and shared what she thinks could be his potential downfall on the show.

“Locky’s biggest thing will be that he is very competitive,” she said. “He does not like to lose, and when he gets so competitive I’m just worried that he might injure himself trying to compete so hard.

“But I said to him, injure yourself all you like because I can look after you. Unlike anyone else there, he’s got his own private nurse at home so he’s very lucky.”

The Bachelor winner also revealed that Locky has wanted to do an SAS course “his entire adult life” and the TV experience has helped him tick off a major bucket list item.

“It’s just something that he’s always wanted to do because he loves pushing his body to its absolute physical limit,” she continued.

“I think he'll do really well. What I’ve seen of him in his training, I know physically, without a doubt, he can do it. Mentally he's probably stronger than he's ever been.”

SAS Australia premieres this month on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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