Bachelor In Paradise: Ciarran taunts Matt before boxing bout

If you thought Ciarran Stott and Matt Whyatt had left their differences back in Bachelor In Paradise, think again because the boys are taking their on-screen beef to the real world in a ‘full-contact’ boxing bout.

After falling out — and almost coming to blows — over Matt’s amorous intentions toward Ciarran’s ex, Renee Barrett, the pair have decided to settle things in the ring.

A poster for a boxing match between Bachelor In Paradise stars Ciarran Stott and Matt Whyatt
Bachelor In Paradise stars Ciarran Stott and Matt Whyatt are set to go toe to toe in a boxing match. Photo: Instagram/ciarranstott.

Ciarran and Matt face off

The men took to their respective Instagram accounts on Sunday to announce the upcoming showdown, and it looks like former army rifleman Ciarran has fired the first shot.

“It’s nothing personal. It’s me or you. And it’s definitely not going to be me. Not in front of all these people,” he captioned the poster for the fight.

“Let’s make the best out of a bad situation. Thank you to @teamellisboxing for giving us this opportunity to raise money and settle our differences. P.S. @mattwhyatt a good edit won’t save you here lad,” he added.

The Brit explained that ‘both parties will be fighting for a charity’ of their choosing, adding that he’ll be raising money to support ‘Domestic violence against women’ and ‘Men’s mental health’.


A fan called Matt out about his wording in his post. Photo: Instagram/mattwhyatt.
A fan called Matt out about his wording in his post. Photo: Instagram/mattwhyatt.

Over on his account, professional BMX rider Matt was slightly less inflammatory in his wording, choosing to address his adversary in a lighter tone.

“Ding Ding let’s go! @ciarranstott. Things got heated on TV now it’s time to sort it, trust me I’m not shy of taking a hit so I hope you’re ready!

“Let’s go bang it out in the ring and leave it in there after.”

Matt revealed that he’d be raising funds to support ‘athletes’ recovery’.

Ciarran throws ‘shade’

Fans of both blokes offered their take on the upcoming event to be held at the Melbourne Pavilion, with several noting Ciarran’s fiery stance.

“The shade,” one wrote.

“Oh Stott - this is brilliant #shitstirrer,” said another.

Others were doubtful that the match would actually take place:

“This is a piss-take surely,” wrote one, while another added, “Surely a joke.”

Ciarran Stott and Matt Whyatt have a confrontation over Renee Barrett on Bachelor In Paradise 2020
Ciarran and Matt almost came to blows over Renee Barrett on Bachelor In Paradise. Photo: Channel 10.

As for public opinion on who will emerge victorious, Matt’s name popped up a lot in the comments.

“My money’s on Matt. Birmingham [aka Ciarran] can’t keep his cool under pressure. Good on both boys for giving something back to charity nevertheless. This’ll be a fun watch,” one wrote.

One of Ciarran’s followers noted a slight irony in his chosen charity:

“Imagine thinking a boxing match is an appropriate way to raise money for a domestic violence charity,” they wrote.

One of Matt’s followers also took issue with the wording in his original caption:

“Ok no shade but maybe ‘solve it like men’ is not great wording. You’re quite literally insinuating that in a fight raising money for domestic violence, that men solve problems with violence,” they wrote.

“Yeah bad wording,” Matt replied. “I just meant because it’s in a ring with rules etc and leave it all in there. But not out in the streets like a real fight.” It appears that he later updated the caption.

Ciarran and Matt’s feud began while on BIP when intruder Matt expressed interest in going on a date with his ex-girlfriend Renee without asking his ‘permission’.

This was despite the fact that Ciarran had no issues having a fling with Renee’s friend Jessica Brody in the series’ first episodes, only to unceremoniously ditch her for Kiki Morris when she arrived at the villas.

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