Bachelor in Paradise: Viewers blast Ciarran Stott's 'unfair' move

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor
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He was a fan favourite heading onto this season of Bachelor in Paradise, but it seems Ciarran Stott has officially fallen out of favour, with his latest move being slammed as ‘disrespectful’ and ‘unfair’.

The 25-year-old has sparked much backlash on social media after dumping Jessica Brody for Kiki Morris after she entered the villa on Monday, despite the pair seemingly having a connection.

bachelor in paradise ciarran stott
Fans have lashed out at Ciarran Stott. Photo: Channel 10

“I still want to be a mate to you… I'm clearly doing what I want to do, so just crack on. Like, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend,” he told Jessica after she pulled him aside for a chat.

But that clearly had viewers seeing red, with plenty of people agreeing last year’s “angel” was long gone.


bachelor in paradise jessica brody
Ciarran dumped Jessica after Kiki entered the villa. Photo: Channel 10

“I feel so angry about Ciarran like he was an angel last year and now he's proven himself absolute trash I'm so sad,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Ciarran saying he hopes Jess doesn't take him on a date before he bloody talks to her and tells her he has moved on to Kiki!! She liked you man. Have some damn respect,” another said.

dog meme on twitter
Photo: Twitter

Ciarran has already found himself in hot water earlier in the piece when he was forced to refute rumours that he lied about his own grandmother’s passing in order to quit The Bachelorette back in November 2019.

“To all the people who think I made up the story about the passing of my nan. Next slide is for you,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing photos from his beloved nan Connie’s funeral.

“I shouldn’t even have to be proving anything but that’s just how the internet is.”

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