Bachelor Jimmy's awkward moment with Carrie Bickmore: 'Weird'

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The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson may have found love on the show, telling Yahoo LIfestyle in an exclusive interview: “I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love.”

However, things got a bit awkward when he came face-to-face with his ‘celebrity crush’ Carrie Bickmore on The Project last night.

Carrie Bickmore and Jimmy Nicholson on The Projec
Carrie Bickmore and Jimmy Nicholson on The Project. Photo: Channel 10

Ahead of the premiere of this year’s season of the show, Jimmy appeared on The Project to chat about the experience, with Peter Helliar asking him:“It sounds lovely but how did it compare to meeting your number one celebrity crush, Carrie Bickmore?

“Hi Carrie,” Jimmy awkwardly said, with Carrie laughing but appearing uncomfortable in the situation.

“Hi, Jimmy,” Carrie said back.

At that moment, Pete jumped in saying: “Oh the chemistry! Where are the roses?”

“I tried to get the roses delivered but they couldn’t make it happen,” Jimmy said.

“You obviously have a girlfriend now and Carrie, are you in a long-term relationship …” Peter said, with Carrie interjecting: “What are you suggesting?”

“A double date!” he joked.

“That is weird, Pete,” Carrie said, swiftly moving on to the next question.


However that wasn’t the end of it, as near the end of the interview Carrie looked embarrassed as she said: “They left the last question for me to ask about the Mile High Club, which was really weird.”

“I would never expect that from you, Carrie,” Jimmy replied.

Carrie Bickmore and Jimmy Nicholson
Carrie looked very embarassed as they asked Jimmy about his 'celebrity crush'. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy gushed about his ‘celebrity crush’ Carrie Bickmore in an interview with last week saying: “I just think she looks like a really nice person and she’s very beautiful. She’s wife material.”

Last night, the pilot walked into the Bachelor mansion and was greeted by 24 women on the hunt for love.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about his chosen lady, Jimmy said that she definitely made a strong impression on him at the start of filming which progressed throughout the show.

“I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight,” he confesses.

“I think lust at first sight exists where you find someone really attractive, and that's really important, but if you're looking at someone who you actually want to end up with as a partner, there are so many other levels you need to be compatible on for it to work.

“I definitely noticed her early on, but towards the end I knew she was the one for me. And since we finished filming and having spent a fair bit of time with her in secret, it’s really confirmed that for me as well.

“I think that's the true test; when you get out, cameras are off and you see what you’re like with each other. She’s amazing and we're both really, really happy.”

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