Bachelor couple Jimmy and Holly grin through awkward mix-up

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The Bachelor's Jimmy Nicholson and his winner, Holly Kingston have braved the panel of comedians on Have You Been Paying Attention? — and they didn't emerge unscathed.

The loved-up pair joined the late-night quiz show via video call to ask the panelists a few questions on the final few episodes of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor winners Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston on Have You Been Paying Attention?. Photo: Channel 10.
The Bachelor couple Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston had an awkward moment on Have You Been Paying Attention?. Photo: Channel 10.

Name no-no

But before they could get stuck in, Sam Pang piped up to wish the couple well then estimate they'll stay together for "three weeks tops" leaving everyone in fits of laughter.

Nova radio host Sam really put his foot in it when Holly, 27, quizzed the group about fellow Bachelor contestant Jay Lal.

"Jay revealed to Jimmy she’d dated which New Zealand celebrity?" she asked.

Ed Kavalee quickly buzzed in with the correct answer. "It was former New Zealand Bachelor, Moses," he said, adding, "And then when Jimmy found out about it he was like, 'Get out of here, moll!'"

Pilot Jimmy, 31, did indeed send Jay packing in the penultimate episode of the season however he didn't quite use that language.


Comedian Sam Pang on Have You Been Paying Attention?. Photo: Channel 10.
Comedian Sam Pang put his foot in it in front of Jimmy and Holly. Photo: Channel 10.

"Who dated him?" a very confused Sam interjected. "What's that question got to do with um... Jimmy and Brooke?" he asked as he gestured to Jimmy and Holly on the screen.

As the pair grinned awkwardly and host Tom Gleisner put his head in his hands, Sam realised that he'd just confused winner Holly with runner-up, Brooke Cleal.

"...And Holly!" he corrected himself. 

But Sam still didn't understand why the focus was on Jay. "Hold on, who's that?" he said in reference to Jay. "What's Jay got to do with... these two?" he went on, prompting laughter and shouts from his co-stars.

"Please, show some respect," Tom pretended to scold Sam before turning back to Jimmy and calling him the wrong name.

"Now, Honey Badger, I mean, sorry, Jimmy..." he joked.

The Bachelor winners Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston on Have You Been Paying Attention?. Photo: Channel 10.
Jimmy and Holly laughed off Sam's faux pas. Photo: Channel 10.

Jimmy and Holly's happy ending

After weeks of single dates, cocktail parties and plenty of drama, Jimmy declared his love for Holly in the epic season finale filmed in Alice Springs.

Holly, who was the betting agencies' favourite since the show premiered back in July, was lost for words when she realised she was the final woman.

Despite having the seal of approval from Jimmy's dad, unfortunately, runner-up Brooke, 27, was left heartbroken.

"You are perfect in every way and I would never want to change you," Jimmy told her, "but we are two different people and it breaks my heart but I have to say goodbye."

"Why did you do it here? Why here in Alice Springs?" Brooke asked through tears.

"Maybe you’re not for me then, because I need someone to take risks with me," she later conceded.

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