Angie Kent on the relatable moment in The Bachelor finale: 'No idea'

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's season.

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied
Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied

It’s already that time, we are at our final three dates ladies and gentleman. What a long / all of a sudden quick end to our 2021 love safari. Let’s not waste any time shall we. Here we go…

First up…. Holly.

Holly is sweet. She’s a safe choice when it comes to a final pick. I can see him choosing her at the end. She’s has had a pretty stock standard final gal edit. Mostly ups, with a few jabs thrown in there for good measure. Holly admitted often she is very protective of her heart due to the breakdown of her parents marriage. It’s important to heal from our parents and their love/hate safari, before we project any kind of remnants from their relationships onto our own. It’s hard. But needs to be done.

bachelor jimmy and holly
Holly and Jimmy on their single date. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking of parents, what was that spiel about Holly saying her father was away a lot for work, and Jimmy is away a lot for work, but she feels like Jimmy will be more present, unlike her father? How does she know whether or not Jimmy would be more present? She knows him only within the bachie bubble? She has never seen him in the wild. He has to be present on the show or there wouldn’t be a show.


Going from three ladies to two

The last three dates are so extreme. Especially if Jimmy was as muddled and bone-tired as I was. I had no idea who I was going to pick. ZERO. I equally liked my final three. If Jimmy is the same… I feel for him tremendously. They all say they are falling in love with you. It’s something you will never experience in your life that intently. It’s wild how full on your feelings are at this point in time.

I can’t imagine how the people who are telling you that they are falling for you actually feel… there’s only one Bach and Bachelorette and three people saying they love you, or are falling in love with you… and you can’t say anything back. A lot of awkward smiling and lots of pashing to make up for the fact you can’t say sh**.

bachelor holly tells jimmy she loves him
When all the girls tell you they love you. Photo: Channel 10

Jay’s date! The attraction between Jay and Jimmy is well built. But what do we say about chemistry? You got it… it doesn’t always equal compatibility! I personally don’t see these two working out. I think it’s quite obvious who the winner is…. Cough (Holly) cough. But hey, I have been wrong…. MANY- a -time in my life. Just a little side info - before these dates… these poor three girls have to stay either in a hotel or in the mansion separately… with a minder of-course… and just wait until their final date… with their thoughts. It’s a long time. Enough to make you fully wig out about everything.

Jay's Bachelor New Zealand past

The Bachelor NZ saga…. hmmm…. I don’t know how I feel about this and how it only came out now? I think you can fall in love with whoever you fall in love with… but willingly going on the Bach Aus after dating The Bach NZ. It would throw a spanner in the works in such a highly-stung environment. There’s been a lot of rumours surrounding Jay… why would people just make such hardcore stuff up? About the baby sitch? And being second to get further in your life? I don’t know. Hey, don’t ask me. Look at my track record.

bachelor jimmy and jay
Jimmy quized Jay about her past relationship. Photos: Channel 10

Brooke…. She is very forthright with the fact she gets jealous, insecure, dependent on her partner. If you don’t like that, then don’t pick her. She isn’t pretending to be anyone else but herself. Jimmy picked her for final three knowing these honest descriptions about herself could potentially be identified as red flags in some eyes. Brooke is freakin weird and knows it and I love that about her!

It scares me how vulnerable she is… I think that what you are scared of in others, is what you are wanting for yourself. I envy her vulnerability. She wants quality time but he can’t give that to her.. that’s the discussions we need to be having! I love this chat from Jimmy about independence in a relationship and then the time that you do have together is quality…. BIG TICKS! Make your expectations clear so that there is no funny business in the long run. If you don’t want the same things, well.. what’s the point?

Brooke the thrill seeker…. I feel she knows exactly what she’s doing! She is so clever! WAIT maybe the winner is BROOKE! This is the best date yet! It’s the love story we all deserve. She leaves, she comes back…. I’ve got freakin goosebumps!

bachelor australia final two
The final two. Photo: Channel 10

Sending Jay home was very underwhelming. No tears or nothing. I hope you find what you’re looking for…. That would have been hard to say. So Jimmy sent Jay home third. She wanted second ‘allegedly’ but he sent her home third. And what do we say about third? No one ever really remembers them do they. Do we think he did this deliberately? I highly doubt it. He’s way too nice.

Bachelor FINALE time!

RED HEART OF AUSTRALIA - I love that for a finale destination. How fitting and romantic!

Brookey baby is up first. And oh my days she is like a kid in a candy store. That big grin and open arms. She deflowered him…. Oh if she gets picked then she also broke the first date curse! If Jimmy loves her, and things pop up that bother him, and bother her in the relationship, then heck, they can just get therapy with Jimmys mum. Seriously. Therapy is a game changer. They will never be lacking in that department. Jimmy’s mum can look right through your soul hey, Super intimidating. I can see why mothers and sisters wouldn’t like Brooke… as it seems like she is full on and putting it on, but I really think that is just her. And she owns it. So if they don’t like it well, don’t look darling(s) just don’t look.

bachelor Jimmy's mum chats with Brooke in finale
Jimmy's mum chats with Brooke. Photo: Channel 10

Holly is up. The gals (sister and cousin) are hard to please. They have an overawing effect. I dig it. But they can’t hold what happened in that cluster f*ck of sorrow that is the bach mansion against Holly. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times…. That place is a pressure cooker. Beautiful, but sometimes one hot mess.

The chat with Jimmy’s Pap. Look, Holly is a great talker, Jimmy’s Dad is a great listener. Holly really got in there with that D&M…. I can just imagine my Dad, Markos sitting there listening to something like that sober.. he would have fully switched off. Not Jimmy’s Dad, he handled that D&M swimmingly. And rightly so.

Where was Jimmy’s Dad when I was picking my final two! Telling Jimmy to not take the safe option.

bachelor holly with jimmy's dad
Holly sits and talks with Jimmy's dad. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy stuck at 50/50

At the end of the day, don’t listen to your family. They have met the girls for a hot minute… ultimately it’s up to Jimmy to decide. He knows more. He has the connections. Jimmy is in exactly the same boat as me… I was fully 50/50. No idea who I was going to choose at the end until the VERY minute production asked me to pick someone to come down first and I could change my mind at any moment. I feel for Jimmy. I am sweaty, my feet are tingling and I just don’t know what he is going to do.

Last single dates

Last single dates… oh no… oh no… Brooke has the first date, the balloon date. It’s bringing back all the memories. It’s The Timm Edit to a T all over again!

Ok... here we are… the five way editing trick no one asked for. It’s keeping me on the edge of my seat though!! I thought they were going to fool us all and he was going to pick our little manic pixie dream girl Brooke.

But, I forgot for a minute that it is The Bachelor after all and I felt it in my loins that he was going to pick Holly from the early stages.

jimmy crying during bachelor finale
Jimmy cried after he said goodbye to Brooke. Photo: Channel 10

Why didn’t Jimmy cry in front of Brooke? I feel she really needed to see that. We need to normalise guys crying more. I broke down like a mess. Jimmy should have let it all out.

Finale moment that was hard to watch

That was HARD to watch. I don’t know what’s worse, Honey Badger picking no one, Locky telling both girls he loves them, OR Jimmy getting Brooke to come back after a funeral, taking her all the way to top two and then not picking her after she fully thought they were going to be together? Brooke….I will take risks with you. My whole life is a risky little game. Just saying.

And yes… Time does heal all sweet angel.

Congrats to the happy couple. I am too sad right now to jump for joy. I need to double my sleeping herbs and up my rain sounds music to fall asleep tonight after all that. What a ride!!

Until 2022… or maybe not after this seasons ratings bonanza! After all the mess.. I still love LOVE!

Ciao lovers x

bachelor couple Jimmy and Holly
Jimmy and Holly are in love! Photo: Channel 10

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