Bachelor Jimmy and Holly slam ‘rubbish’ rumours about relationship

Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston have officially joined the list of successful couples to emerge from The Bachelor franchise, with season nine coming to an emotional end on Thursday night.

While Holly was the clear front-runner since the show began, her relationship with Jimmy was plagued with rumours both on and off-screen.

Bachelor's Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson.
Holly and Jimmy shut down reports that they knew each other before The Bachelor. Photo: Channel 10

One report that emerged during the season was that they knew each other before filming even began.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Holly and Jimmy labelled the “colourful” rumours as “absolute rubbish”.

“If I had known her before the show I would’ve locked her down and not have to put us both through all of this stuff,” the 31-year-old pilot said.

“I had never met Holly before the show.”


However, Jimmy did explain the surprising connection he shared with Holly prior to The Bachelor, which is likely where the rumours stemmed from.

“One of my high school friends, Josh, who I was probably mates with in year 8 - I used to go on playdates with him after school - his little sister, Francesca, is good mates with Holly,” he revealed.

“That was our connection, but I’d never met Hol. I've only probably met Francesca a couple of times through Josh.”

Francesca Hung and Holly Kingston.
Jimmy says he had previously met Holly’s best friend Francesca Hung (left) before the show but didn’t know Holly. Photo: Instagram/hollykingston

Jimmy went on to detail other rumours that came out during the series and which one he found to be the strangest.

“One of the girls were jumping up and down trying to convince the other girls that I'd said something commenting on Lily’s looks,” he said.

“All the other rumours were fine, like apparently I'm not tall and I wear platform shoes, but that one really annoyed me because she was trying to put some of the other girls off, who I genuinely think are great girls who I would be and am friends with.

“I was like no, that's where it stops with me. You can say what you want about me but when you’re trying to get the other girls offside and convince them that I was commenting on their looks and stuff, that's not on.”

In terms of what Holly found to be the weirdest piece of gossip, she said it had to do with a certain former US president.

“There was one [rumour] that I was a raging Trump supporter,” she laughed, in reference to her sarcastic MAGA Instagram post that resurfaced.

Bachelor Jimmy and Lily.
Jimmy says the rumour that he had commented on Lily’s looks “really annoyed” him. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy and Holly had a clear connection when she first appeared on the red carpet, leading betting agencies to immediately list her as a front-runner.

After episode one, Sportsbet tipped her odds to win at $1.50, followed by Lily Price at $7 and Brooke Cleal at $10.

Speaking about the ever-present speculation that she was the winner, Holly described it as “a bit of a bummer”.

“The cast and the crew put in so much effort into making this show great, and everything that makes the show great is not knowing what happens at the end,” she acknowledged.

Bachelor's Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson kissing.
Holly and Jimmy are “so excited” for their future together. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

“So, you know, every time that there was an episode that either didn't feature me or showed some sort of downfall for me, Jimmy and I were kind of cheering at the screen.

“I kind of wanted to keep people guessing a little bit, but I think we kind of did that towards the end.”

With their romance finally made public, Holly and Jimmy are “so excited” for their future together and the fact that they get to live as “normal people”.

“So relieved to have it all out in the open,” she said. “We are on top of the world.”

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