Jackie O says she’s ‘fired’ from The Masked Singer: ‘I’m in shock’

Queen of the airwaves Jackie ‘O’ Henderson shocked listeners on Wednesday morning when she revealed that she had been ‘fired’ from The Masked Singer.

However, it turned out to be a hilarious radio prank on her fellow judge Urzila Carlson as part of an ‘Only Lying’ segment on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The Masked Singer's Jackie O.
Jackie O pranked her fellow Masked Singer judge Urzila Carlson and said she had been fired. Photo: Instagram/10styling

The 46-year-old was almost in tears when she rang Urzila and lied about being let go by a Channel Ten executive.

“I’m not coming back to The Masked Singer, they're firing me,” she announced. “He just said they needed to change up the panel. I haven't even done anything.

“I was having so much fun on that show. I'm in shock.”


Urzila was audibly surprised by Jackie’s announcement and questioned whether she was also going to be fired.

“No, I'm the only one going,” Jackie replied. “I wondered why they weren't negotiating with me. I was like, something weird is going on.”

Masked Singer judges.
Jackie said she was ‘in shock’ that she was the only judge being let go. Photo: Channel Ten

The South African–New Zealand comedian then tried to come up with an excuse for Jackie’s dismissal, perhaps already knowing it was a prank call.

“You did drink champagne every night before the show this last season,” she remarked. “I’m not saying that’s a problem I’m just saying, if they’re looking at it from a financial…”

To heighten the intensity of the prank, Jackie reminded Urzila they said they’d always have each other’s backs and asked her if she would also quit the show in solidarity.

“Oh no, I’m still going back,” she answered. “I have to go back. I mean, you've got the radio to fall back on, I’ve got nothing. I don't even have a strong personality to fall back on, so I have to go back to that show.

“I budget that show in for my annual income next year because I really rely on that show.”

The Masked Singer's Urzila Carlson.
Urzila said the producers wouldn’t get away with firing Jackie. Photo: Instagram/10styling

Urzila went on to say that despite staying on the program, the producers “are not going to get away with this s**t” and she would stick up for Jackie.

“I’m going to hate whoever else is going to be doing it. Whoever it is, strap in b***h. I will be a total a**hole,” she declared. “If they want to get rid of you, I will f**king tank that show. I will go out of my way to be a total d**khead.”

After a five-minute phone call, Jackie revealed that it was all a prank and the pair both burst into laughter.

Jackie has been a judge on The Masked Singer Australia since season one in 2019, while Urzila replaced A-lister Lindsay Lohan in season two and has since stayed on.

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