Aussie's DIY Bunnings project sparks intense debate: 'How?'

Dream bed or death trap? Home renovators demand answers.

A Bunnings shopper's DIY project has generated a mix of strong reactions this week, with fellow fans of the hardware store debating the quality of the build.

The customer created a "floating loft bed" for her daughter and shared a photo of the finished product to a Facebook group for do-it-yourselfers. "Everything from Bunnings except the decorative rope," the proud mum wrote.

The post sparked both praise and concern, as some group members described the creation as "every child's dream bed" while others expressed doubts about its safety and practicality.

Bunnings floating loft bed
An Aussie mum and her husband created this "floating loft bed" almost entirely out of Bunnings products for their daughter's bedroom. Source: Facebook/ R. Fraser

"Where can I find a dad to build me a queen size, I wonder?" one member joked, and another commented, "Absolutely love this idea!"


However, the tone of the discussion quickly shifted as someone questioned whether the side barriers would prevent accidents. "With a child's bodyweight slightly compressing the mattress, their body may slip between the mattress and top rail, and then the child is left suspended by the neck with no way to get up," she wrote.

"The sheer logistics have my brain exploding. Is it higher than a top bunk? We have safety standards for a reason," another member added.

However, the author of the post said there was no need for worry as the hanging bed was constructed by her husband, who installs abseiling anchors for work, and it's no higher than a standard loft or bunk bed.

"I completely understand the safety issues some people may have and if a person with no knowledge in the area installed it I too would have the same concerns," she said. "Under the rope is cable anchored to our roof trusses. We would never risk our daughter's safety."

What about the sheets?

In addition to safety concerns, the practicality of a bed suspended from the ceiling was also questioned by members of the group. "Genuine question, who's changing the sheets and how?" asked one person, while another laughed, "My clumsy ass just saw myself falling off the ladder."

The Bunnings customer responded that the bedding is simply changed in the same way one would change sheets on a loft or bunk bed (whether that's easy or not is another matter).


She also went on to share her plans for the space underneath the bed, which include a bookshelf and a dollhouse, and a desk when her daughter is older. This drew praise from the group, with one member commenting, "It's a good idea, the space will grow with her."

"It looks amazing," another woman wrote. "I'm sure your daughter absolutely loves it."

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