Aussie TikToker hits back after being slammed for 'inappropriate' wedding outfit

TikTok users claimed the look was 'disappointing'.

A Melbourne-based Aussie TikToker has been slammed after sharing an outfit she was wearing to a wedding over the weekend, with some people saying it was "inappropriate" for a formal event.

Olivia Burrows Sutherland, a wedding content creator, took to the app on the weekend to ask for help in choosing her outfit for the big day, as she had to ditch the look she'd previously decided on because it was too hot for a long-sleeved dress.

Olivia Burrows Sutherland TikToker
An Aussie TikToker has been slammed over her 'inappropriate' outfit to a friend's wedding due to her choice of a crop top. Photo: TikTok/oliviaandliving

Instead, she chose to wear a $525 Zimmermann skirt and was tossing up between a black crop top and a cream strapless crop top, with the TikToker eventually deciding to go with the lighter top.

The skirt did have a matching top, however, she felt it would be too much for the event.

"I'm just a little bit nervous, I'm scared people are going to think it's too close to white," she told her followers. "It's definitely beige, but I just don't want to be that person."


"I actually prefer [the cream] a lot more, because it's more summery and I think it definitely suits the wedding vibe more," Olivia added, questioning her followers on if they thought the colour was suitable.

However, many TikToke users commented, saying that while they loved the skirt, they didn't like the top or think it was "appropriate".

"Skirt is gorgeous, don’t think the tops appropriate for a wedding sorry!" one user wrote.

Olivia Burrows Sutherland in wedding outfit
Many agreed that they loved Olivia's skirt but not the top as much. Photo: TikTok/oliviaandliving

"No to the tops, it's a wedding... skirt is gorgeous," another added.

"Skirt is stunning. Tops no. They were disappointing," a third wrote.

"I feel like it's a bit basic, you should really wear the matching top- I'm sure it would look amazing and still fitting for the wedding," former MAFS star Cathy Evans commented.

"None but at a guess the matching top would have been better," another said.

Some suggested wearing the skirt as a strapless dress, while many others loved the final look Olivia chose, with one user writing, "The beige is absolutely fine, it’s simple and looks lovely! I think it’s completely appropriate for a wedding!"

"So many negative comments my goodness!" another said. "The beige looks amazing with it, wear whatever you’re comfortable in."

"The skirt has so much presence and I think the tops are suitable," a third wrote. "Either colour works well w/ the accessories. Hope you have a great day."

In another video, Olivia shared her surprise that her outfit had been labelled inappropriate, writing, "A controversial wedding guest look apparently. I should mention it was cocktail attire."


Many commented, saying she looked "stunning", with one user joking, "You would look fabulous even in a potato sack."

Olivia hit back in an interview with, saying: “I didn’t expect the outfit to be so controversial, but I do know when it comes to weddings and wedding guest attire, everyone has an opinion.

“But I love the overall balance of the summer look."

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