Aussie shopper divides opinion with stockpiled groceries on TikTok

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TikTok users are divided after a Coles and Woolworths shopper shared a polarising video of her stockpiled groceries.

Losalio Leota (@losalioleota) revealed that she’s now turned the spare room in her house into a storeroom for her extra supplies so she can “be prepared”.

TikTok grocery haul.
The woman insists that she isn’t a “panic buyer”. Photos: @losalioleota

“Don’t come at me,” she captioned the video, showing three shelves storing hundreds of grocery items.

The first shelving unit contains a large quantity of toilet paper, toothpaste, body wash and laundry detergent, while the second unit holds canned goods, pasta, jams, long life milk and more.


Baking ingredients like flour and oats, as well as medical supplies, are stored on the final set of shelves.

Losalio said she purchased the bookshelves from Kmart - available online for $49 - and is hoping to buy another one soon so she can make room for cleaning products.

In the comments, the woman explained that she inherited the idea from her parents as they did a similar thing when she was growing up.

She also detailed that she only ever buys multiple grocery items when they are on special.

A few users criticised the idea, labelling her a “panic buyer”.

“Be prepared for what?” one person asked. “The supermarkets don’t close, even in lockdowns.”

“I’m aware,” Losalio replied. “This is for my own personal preparations. I’ve just escalated from a jammed pantry to a spare room turned into my own personal storeroom.”

She continued to justify her decision in follow-up comments, saying: “No harm in it. We live in a small rural area so when cyclones, lockdowns etc happen, we have enough to give our neighbours.”

Other followers have applauded her actions, with many saying that it’s “a great idea” that they want to copy.

“Always good to have a backup supply of food, especially during this time,” one person wrote, with another adding, “We are stocking up as well”.

“I’m jealous,” someone else shared. "I’ve just started prepping. Just gotta get rid of all hubby’s computers so I can use the garage.”

A fourth user remarked: “Good on you. Each family’s wants are different and that’s okay.”

Another follower shared their own similar experience in the comments, expressing that it’s important for people to be prepared for dire situations.

“Why not?” they said. “We had a wheelie bin in New Zealand after the earthquake full of essential items, enough for a week.”

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