TikTok couple share viral Kmart and Bunnings table hack: ‘Gorgeous’

A Gold Coast couple has gone viral after creating a chic and expensive-looking coffee table using only items from Kmart and Bunnings.

Chantell and Zach posted a TikTok video (@chantellneale) showing the step-by-step process of how they completed the DIY hack for $370.

Before and after table hack.
The DIY video currently has over 2 million views on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/@chantellneale

The beginning of the video shows that the couple’s ideal coffee table is worth $3500 from Swedish design company Asplund.

To recreate the furniture item on a budget, the pair travelled to Bunnings to buy two round hardwood multi-use panels valued at $69 each, as well as Tasmanian oak dowels, wood glue and varnish.

They also used a wooden cylinder table from Kmart that they already owned - which is available online in a pack of two for $49 - to repurpose as the base.


After gluing the two round panels at the top and bottom of the table, Zach then measured and cut the dowels to size and they both stuck them to the base.

The entire process took eight hours, including sanding and varnishing the table with three coats of clear timber varnish to complete the DIY job.

The video now has over two million views on TikTok, with followers rushing to the comments to compliment the end result.

“That is some talent right there! Amazing work!” one user wrote.

“That’s absolutely gorgeous,” another added, while someone else commented, “Ok I would buy your version”.

“Looks even better, well done,” a fourth shared.

Before and after bedside table.
A TikToker turned a $29 Kmart ottoman into a chic bedside table. Photo: TikTok/@s.imonette

Viral $29 Kmart bedside table hack

Chantell and Zach’s coffee table project comes after another TikToker went viral for their ‘clever’ DIY bedside table hack, where she repurposed a $29 item from Kmart.

Simonette (@s.imonette) posted a step-by-step video showing how she created a “cute fluted side table” all by herself.

The 22-year-old purchased a $29 ribbed storage ottoman from Kmart and cut off the cushion to reveal a wooden piece underneath.

She then painted the furniture item a cream colour and later styled it with candles and a coffee table book for a chic appearance.

“This is actually the best DIY I’ve seen on this app,” one follower commented.

“Omg and it has storage in it! This is SMART,” another added.

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