Kmart and Bunnings products transform bathroom for just $200: 'Amazing'

Everyone knows that bathroom upgrades can set you back thousands of dollars, but one Aussie grandmother was able to transform her bathroom for just $200 using products from Kmart and Bunnings!

Nettie, a grandma of four, updated the bathroom in her apartment for just $200, sharing the results on a Facebook Kmart décor page.

"The things you do while home sick and 'resting'.

"I rested while the paint and grout were drying!" she wrote in her post.

"Before and after... guess I need new towels now. Back to Kmart for new towels," she added.

An typical ageing Australian bathroom before being renovated with Kmart stick-on tiles
Nettie's bathroom before her $200 'renovation' using Kmart and Bunnings products. Photo: Supplied

Her fellow group members loved the results too with almost 1000 likes and over 150 comments.

"Looks like a completely different bathroom. Amazing," one person commented

"Wow you really transformed the space, looks so modern now. Well done!" another wrote.

"This is so satisfying to see and read.

"Love the transformation makes me want to do mine now. Great job." a third person said.

A bathroom renovated on the cheap with Kmart and Bunnings products
The bathroom now looks modern and fresh. Photo: Supplied

"I have just moved into my new unit after it had been rented for years and was looking for a quick and cost-effective makeover to freshen up my bathroom," Nettie from the Gold Coast told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I had seen Kmart stick on vinyl floor tiles but it was only when I went online that I saw the marble effect tiles which were just the look I was after.

"I had already painted all the walls white along with special paint to cover up the aqua feature tiles and had just painted a feature wall in my lounge room with Taubmans Tornado.

"I LOVED the colour and decided it was a brilliant contrast for the new Kmart floor tiles.

"So I had some laminate paint tinted Tornado for the bathroom vanity. I'm blown away by how quick and easy it was to get a totally different look for less than $200!

"I love designing and redecorating."

She also told the group that she had grouted the stick-on floor tiles.

"I chose to grout tiles and edges to finish the look. Grout between each tile, around the edge of drain and skirting board," she wrote in the comments.

She also suggested YouTube tutorials for people wanting to do the same, recommending they search for 'tile pops' stick on floor tiles videos.

While Nettie is saving up to redo the bathroom, taking out the bath to install a walk-in shower, she hopes that the hard work she's done will last the distance.

Either way, it's quick and inexpensive trick to freshen up your bathroom.

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