Aussie mum stuns with 'genius' Kmart laundry trick: 'OMG I need this'

This simple idea is an organiser's dream.

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A Kmart shopper has taken her laundry game to the next level, creating a super impressive laundry station with a simple trick. Using three of the $59 Kmart laundry hamper cabinets, the mum of four created a dedicated all-in-one folding and clothes sorting station to easily manage the laundry for her family of six.

After finding washing baskets all over the house, she came up with the idea to line three cabinets up next to each other. She then added a plank of wood to complete her custom laundry station.

A custom designed laundry station using materials from Kmart and Bunnings
The new Kmart laundry station is both sylish and functional. Photo: Facebook

"Folding/ironing station with three Kmart laundry hampers and one plank of wood and feet from Bunnings and matching shelf to go above and pockets under the bench for sock baskets," she said, detailing her creative process.

Each laundry compartment features a removable clothes basket insert, with one drawer for each family member. All up, her "essential functional laundry space" set her back just under $300.


"The inserts are removable and act as a clothes basket for them to take to their rooms to put away. I don't really "fold" clothes. They literally get put in the basket and the kids sort and put them away," she explained. "The bench is mainly for folding work clothes for hubby, sorting and folding sheets and towels."

Kmart laundry hamper
The mum of four created the hack as a solution to the washing baskets gathering up throughout her house. Source: Facebook

Her hack was a huge hit with fellow Kmart fans too, with many keen to create something similar for their home. "Oh, I need this! Family of eight and the clean washing basket is forever being dug through," one person said. "This would help massively."

Kmart laundry hamper hack
One excited Kmart shopper was able to get hold of the laundry hamper and gave it a glow-up by painting it and changing up the handles. Source: Facebook

However, if you're keen to create something similar, you'd better get in to Kmart quickly as the popular cabinet is regularly sold out. This is largely thanks to the laundry hamper hack that has been running hot for over a year. Using bins from Bunnings, shoppers have been using the cabinet to create a stylish waste solution that separates rubbish from recyclables, which has been called the "best Kmart hack ever".”

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