Aussie men 'low-effort': Dating question causes stir after woman dubs Aussies unchivalrous

A woman has questioned Aussie dating practices after her date didn't offer to drive her home.

A Reddit user has caused a debate online about what's 'normal' in the Australian dating world, after being confused that her date didn't offer to drive her home.

The person took to the 'Ask an Australian' Reddit thread to query whether men in Australia were just 'non-chivalrous' after saying where she's from, guys would always "offer to walk/drive you home and make sure you get home safe, especially at night".

After explaining she went out with a guy in Perth for their second date, the user mentioned how her date had his car parked further down the street and didn't offer to drive her home, so she assumed it meant he wasn't interested in her anymore.

Aussie men not 'chivalrous'

"I'm wondering if it's a cultural difference or if he's just a bit low-effort? I did not like the cold walk home. Is this completely non-chivalrous attitude an Aussie thing?"

A bunch of Aussies flocked to the thread to offer their advice, insights, and to, well, take the piss.

"I always think it's weird how American women let men drive them on dates. Here we meet men in a public place so they don't know where we live and we aren't dependant on them if we want to leave," one person commented.

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A woman has caused a debate on dating cultural differences after questioning if Aussie men are unchivalrous. Photo: Getty


"It's normal not to offer. I suppose in terms of 'chivalry' it really depends on what you're used to, but in Australia there isn't really a massive culture of chivalrous behaviour," one person said.

"'I’ll pick you up at 8!' You f*cken will not," another quipped.

"Mate, you live like two streets away and have functional legs. You got a ride home on your foot falcon," one person joked.

Cultural dating differences

Most Aussies agreed in the thread that it was a cultural dating difference, with some stating Aussie women are 'independent' and are more than happy to get themselves home, while also voicing safety concerns.

"Yeah, like, do they all want to be murdered? Walking a woman you don't know well to her car/bus stop/waiting with her for her cab is good manners," one person said.

"Cultural differences. It's normal not to offer. I'd rather not have them know where I live until I know they're not a creepy crazy stalker," another said.


"Guy from Perth here. It's absolutely normal to not offer to drive someone home after a first or second date. As someone else mentioned, many men won't offer because it can be interpreted as being "too forward" (like they want you to invite them inside). So, to avoid that situation, they won't offer.

I wouldn't read too much into it. He's not necessarily 'non-chivalrous' or 'low-effort', just operating within different cultural norms to you," one guy pointed out.

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