Bride blows up at sister-in-law after her six-year-old nephew wears white to her wedding

The bride was inconsolable and confronted the groom's sister about the boy's attire.

A wedding day, typically an occasion filled with joy and romance, veered into unexpected territory for a couple now reaching out to Reddit's online community for advice. The groom has poured out the story on the 'Am I the a-hole' sub-Reddit, wondering if he crossed a line by referring to his wife as "insecure" and "selfish" on their big day.

When the 28-year-old groom and his 26-year-old bride tied the knot, their nuptials came with a strict no-white dress code. Pretty standard.

However, things took an awkward turn during the reception. The groom noticed his wife sneak away to the bathroom, face in her hands, mascara streaming down her cheeks. Concerned, he went to check on her, only to find her sitting on the floor in tears.

Boy taking photo of bride and groom
Stock image: A groom discovered his wife upset over his 6-year-old nephew wearing white at the wedding. Photo: Getty Images

The issue? A nephew, a six-year-old boy, had shown up wearing white.

“I asked what was wrong, and she told me that one of our nephews was wearing white jeans and a white bow tie,” he recalled.

Despite his new wife's distress, the groom dismissed it as an overreaction, noting that the nephew was young and innocently oblivious to any dress code.


“I told her she was overreacting, but in a much nicer way, and I said that she should go enjoy the reception and forget about the whole thing,” he said.

However, the situation escalated.

The groom thought he saw his bride in casual conversation with his sister, the mother of the rule-breaking nephew, but later discovered that his bride had confronted his sister, requesting that the young boy either change his clothes or exit the celebration.

“My wife [felt] she was completely in the right for what she asked, and I told her that if she kicks my family out, then I will happily leave, too,” the groom explained on Reddit.

Newlywed coupe sitting on a sofa angry at each other in a middle of an argument. Young couple problem concept outdoor.
Stock image: The newlyweds have barely spoken since the wedding. Photo: Getty

Following the wedding, the couple reached a stalemate and the newlywed bride moved in with her mother, and communication between the couple stopped completely.

Reddit users eagerly weighed in, with many siding with the groom and his family under the circumstances.

One user quipped, "It’s a six-year-old in a bowtie,” one user wrote. “Did she think people would confuse him for the bride?”"

Another humorously speculated, "Maybe people would have confused him for the bride, given she’s acting six years old over the situation."

Some speculated that the bride might be more upset with the parents for not adhering to the dress code rather than the child himself.

Amidst the discussion, someone brought up the nuance of wedding dress codes, pointing out that while women are typically advised against wearing white, men often sport white shirts without hesitation.

“The rule is supposed to be no other woman wears a white dress,” the person wrote. “At every wedding I’ve been to, 90% of the men wore a white shirt.”

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