Aussie influencer goes viral after chaotic magpie inhabits her home

Indy Clinton can be heard screaming and shooing the resistant magpie as it swoops in her house.

Indy Clinton and Bambi with magpie in house
Aussie influencer, Indy Clinton.

Aussie influencer Indy Clinton has gone viral on TikTok after uploading a chaotic magpie video that shows the terrifying bird inhabiting a bedroom in her house.

Indy can be heard behind the camera trying to shoo the bird and encourage it to get out, while it darts around the room and walks towards her, sometimes taking flight.

Between panicked screams, Indy starts yelling, "Get out, get out" as the magpie eventually finds itself in another area of the house.

The video, which is nearly sitting at 3 million views, shows the magpie directly walking towards Indy at some stage, like the terrifying villain it is.


magpie in house
The menacing magpie was then seen making its way to a screaming Indy. Photo:

'Just your average day in Australia'

Fans were quick to comment on the video, expressing their own terror.

"Rumour has it that the magpie has now claimed the house," one person joked.

"This is too funny you are like the teachers at primary school when there is a bird," another said.

"Tell me you live in Australia without telling me you live in Australia," someone else commented.

"My biggest fear!" another person expressed.

One magpie defender came to the cause of the confused bird.

"They are actually the sweetest creatures if you give them a chance," they said.

Aussies share their magpie swooping experiences

A recent Reddit thread saw a bunch of Aussies share their experiences when it came to the swooping creatures, labelling them as "terrifying".

"I remember as a kid I’d get $5 off my parents and ride up to the milk bar for some scallops and hot chips. One time I was riding home with my chips hanging off my handlebars wrapped in paper, and a magpie swooped me from behind. I stacked my bike and my chippies went everywhere," one person shared.


"Running and screaming down the footpath from a magpie is the Australian childhood," another said,

"I was riding my bike along the bike path and as I noticed a sign warning of the magpies, it started swooping me. I just peddled my heart out and there was a bridge there that was quite crooked and cyclists were advised to dismount. I hit that sucker at full pelt and zoomed across while the hell bird flew beside me and pecked my head under my helmet. F**king thing drew blood too!" another person shared.

Read the full thread here.

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