Aussie bikini influencer slammed for shock hiring process: 'Red flag'

Body positive swimwear designer Karina Irby has found herself in hot water after she admitted that she doesn’t discuss pay with potential employees until they have completed a ‘successful trial’. Karina last made headlines in November when she got hitched in Bora Bora wearing just a skimpy bikini.

The Gold Coast-based beauty, who often shares real and unfiltered photos of herself, has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. The star outlined her controversial hiring decisions while answering some questions on the social media platform.

Two photos of Karina Irby wearing bikinis in the sea
Bikini influencer Karina Irby has found herself in trouble after making a surprising confession. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

When a fan asked her for the "biggest red flags" she sees while interviewing for her swimwear line Moana, she gave a lengthy explanation.

“I usually know my decision within the first five minutes,” she began.

“At the end of the interview, I ask if you have any questions, people blow it by not asking any questions at all. If they do, they ask about salary/sick pay/holiday pay. Firstly, I get it. We need money to live. Life is expensive,” she said.


"IF you are successful, you'll get to come in for a few hours for a trail [sic], and at the end of the trail [sic] we can talk details. I’d love to be asked some killer questions! This shows me you’re not just thinking about yourself but also your future in my company and your passion and drive for success and growth,” she summed up.

Two screenshots from Karina Irby's Instagram story where she answered some questions about her hiring process
The swimwear designer was called out on Instagram for her remarks. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

After screenshots of Karina’s answers were posted to popular Instagram page, people were quick to hit out at her "exploitative" behaviour.

“Lol my biggest red flag would be if my prospective employer refused to discuss remuneration in clear terms during an interview,” one person wrote.

“This is actually really embarrassing not to mention completely exploitative,” another added.

“Woman clearly hasn’t read the room. People are struggling and she wants to waste their time on interviews they may not want,” a third chimed in.

Karina Irby wearing a hot pink lingerie set with her stomach rolls showing
Karina often shares body positive snaps of herself online. Photo: Instagram/karinairby

Clare Verrall, an HR professional, weighed in on the debate in a lengthy comment.

“Recruiter with qualifications in HR here. This is exactly how NOT to get the best staff, especially in a candidate tight market like it is at the moment. The only people who would cop that are people with zero experience, or utterly desperate people who will take the role while they look for something better. Very short-sighted of you as a business owner and terrible advice to be giving people,” she wrote.

“Also, how long are these ‘trials’ and are they under direct supervision the whole time? If not, you could find yourself in some legal hot water.”


The bikini influencer hit back at all the negative comments, revealing that she does actually discuss salary expectations in the interview, something she didn’t include in her original answer.

“Lol what is this? A gaslighting page? The salary is discussed if bought [sic] up in our first interview. We are always open and more than happy to talk details. It’s a job and everyone needs money to live. This post is about us always hoping we get asked more challenging open-ended questions when given the opportunity at the end of an interview,” Karina replied.

“When a person asks fun and exciting questions it makes them more memorable! And that’s what you want! Sometimes we interview 20+ people for one job roll [sic]. If you want the job - you want to be remembered. It’s simply an interview tip that’s shared on multiple business pages. No need to make this into something it’s not.”

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