‘Bit strange’: Erin confesses to celebrity fling

Erin Molan  talks about ex-fling Dom Purcell. Picture: 2DayFm
Erin Molan talks about ex-fling Dominic Purcell after his wedding to Tish Cyrus over the weekend. Picture: 2DAYFM

Erin Molan has revealed the strange timing of a social media follow from Miley Cyrus’ mum just a month before she tied the knot with an Aussie actor.

The superstar’s mum Tish Cyrus and Aussie actor Dominic Purcell tied the knot over the weekend in an intimate backyard ceremony at a Malibu mansion on the California coastline.

Photos of the idyllic wedding show daughter Miley Cyrus dressed in a pale steel blue satin dress as her mother’s maid of honour and sister Brandi Cyrus beside her as one of three bridesmaids.

Also featured on the guest list were long-time friends of the groom Triple M presenter Candice Warner and her husband Australian cricketer Dave Warner.

However, another Australian radio host has since revealed her own connection with one half of the newlyweds, having briefly dated the Prison Break star.

Tish Cyrus posing with husband. Picture INstagrma.JPG
Tish Cyrus posing with now husband Dominic Purcell in front of a poster advertising daughter Miley’s new single. Picture: Instagram
Miley Cyrus attended the wedding. Picture: Instagram
Tish shares daughter Miley Cyrus with ex-husband and country star Billy Ray Cyrus. Picture: Instagram

As photographs emerge of the ceremony, 2DAYFM radio host Dave “Hughesy” Hughes took a moment on Monday morning’s show to ask his co-host about a bizarre interaction with the bride just a month ago.

“She started following me on Instagram a couple of months ago, and she doesn't follow that many people, so that was a bit out of the blue,” Ms Molan said.

“You know what my theory on that was,” Mr Hughes teased.

Erin Molan  talks about ex-fling Dom Purcell. Picture: 2DayFm
Erin Molan talks about ex-fling Dominic Purcell saying ‘I do’ to Tish Cyrus. Picture: 2DAYFM

“That she's had a look at his socials and said, ‘why has he liked all these photos from this woman?’ and thought I better follow this woman as well.

“You keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

“It was a little bit strange, I didn’t really understand that,” Ms Molan admitted.

Having already spoken previously about her brief romance with Mr Purcell, she went on to explain that it was mostly a long-distance relationship that fizzled out quickly.

Candy Warner and Dave Warner.  Picture: Instagram
Aussie cricketer Dave Warner and his wife Candy Warner pictured with the groom and long-time friend Dominic Purcell. Picture: Instagram
Candy Warner and Dave Warner.  Picture: Instagram
The couple were among about 100 guests at the intimate ceremony attended by Miley Cyrus. Picture: Instagram

“He actually laid his heart on the line for you, and you rejected him didn’t you, because you weren’t ready,” Hughesy joked.

“You basically ended up ghosting him.”

Ms Molan gave up very little detail but admitted she was wished the newlyweds “only happiness” and said the wedding looked “beautiful”.