Erin Molan's on-air rant about engagement rings sparks controversy

Should men also have to wear engagement rings?

Erin Molan has sparked controversy during a rant about engagement rings, stating that it's unfair men get to continue living their lives as normal when they are betrothed, while women are instantly branded as 'unavailable'.

When talking about women losing engagement rings on the Hughesy, Ed and Erin show, Erin pointed out that women are most prone to losing engagement rings for a very simple reason: the fact that not many men wear them.

"Men have to buy them, propose," she said. "All of that aside, it is so unfair when you propose to someone and they have to wear your stupid ring and it says to everyone else in the world that they are taken."

Erin Molan
Erin Molan. Photo:

She then went on to say that there's a double standard with men able to live their lives as 'free agents' while women are then branded as 'unavailable'.

"All of a sudden, us women go from being able to live our lives with men thinking they're a chance and giving us due attention to suddenly having a big, bloody ring that brands us as unavailable," she ranted.

"Men get to continue living their lives for the two or three years that it takes for them to marry [the woman] as free agents. They get to walk up and down the hallways at work, winking at secretaries, they get to go to the bar with colleagues after work and have drinks with women thinking they're available," she continued.


Erin Molan rants about engagement rings
Erin Molan's rant about engagement rings has left fans divided. Photo:

"They get to go to the gym and pump whatever the hell it is they pump, without a ring. Why do we have to wear a big sign that says 'Taken, don't try'. And our engagement partners, get to walk around with nothing!"

Hughesy tried to rebut Erin's argument saying that men often do "dangerous" jobs that may involve their rings getting caught on some machinery and their whole finger could get ripped off.

The comments on Erin's rant were divided, with some fans vehemently agreeing with her and others not impressed.


"What’s stopping a woman from buying a man an engagement ring to say he is taken, [it] goes both ways," one person said.

"What happened to the traditional woman who was proud to wear a ring? Unfortunately this is the attitude some women are serving up now and they wonder why they can’t find a partner," another commented.

"Well said Erin and SPOT ON!" one person cheered.

"Seems slightly triggered but she’s not wrong 😁," another said.

"My fiancé is Brazilian. We BOTH wear a gold ring on our right ring finger to show we are engaged," one person shared.

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