Angie Kent on the Bachelor moment that 'spoke volumes' about Lily

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's new Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's new season.

Angie Kent headshot
Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied

Well if we wanted some content that was spicy after simmering in a large pot of boiling water for about four weeks now, we certainly got it this week besties.

Not only are they smashing us with 200 hour long episodes all of a sudden, they are throwing in the blood and thunder. Buckle in. We are in for a wild ride this week. Weeee!

Holly and Jimmy's '80th single date'

Clear winner to me. Just throwing it out there. I hate how they make them go in the freezing cold water. I lost all my s**t by the end of my season when they would ask me to be half naked in freezing temperatures around a number of men I am so confused about. I am like, how am I going to connect or even try and seem chilled when I am SO physically chilled my brain can’t comprehend who I even am.

Holly and Jimmy on The Bachelor
Holly is the clear winner to Angie Kent. Photo: Channel 10


Jimmy’s mum makes her Bachelor visit

Jimmy’s mum Suzanne is in town and she is a psychologist. YES YES YES. To meet a mum alone is intimidating, let alone a mumma that could read through your soul. Psychologist mother and a pilot father, hello Christmas! What a salaried combo. Love that for all of them.

Now let's get to our mate Steph.Wait wait wait, is Steph like a full blown professional character can I just ask? I don’t like to dig too deep with this as I know editing can be a real kick in the d*ck, and these are real people, with real feelings, but what we are being shown is SCARY as all hell. She can sell sweet nothing to anyone. Politician is the title I am searching for.

Steph and Jimmy's mum kissing on The Bachelor
Jimmy's mum didn't know if Steph was over her ex. Photo: Channel 10

How's the truth bomb from Suzanne after spending some quality production set up time with the gals? Suzanne said that Steph could be putting Jimmy on a pedestal due to her ex but not sure if she is done with that relationship. BIG observation.

Why don’t we have Suzanne on every damn episode please? Imagine all the blokes and chicks we could cull out asap. Also, if your mum, sister and cousin are all saying hooroo to someone, then you generally should take that on. Although, my family members and best friend frothed the fella I picked and look how swimmingly that ended up turning out. No more comments on that one. Save those talks with my therapist. Maybe I could save money and see if Jimmy’s mum could take me on? Bachie fam rates?

The cocktail party moment that spoke volumes about Lily

Jimmy went and spoke with Lilly to find some truth about the latest Steph saga. Is she saying she wants to leave the show and get back with her old fella? Again, another huge statement to be throwing around. When the Bach pulls someone aside to get the truth, it generally speaks volumes with how far they will go in the love safari. So Lilly is hometown status for sure. I used to pull a certain someone aside knowing I would always get the truth. And he went far, let's say that. But as this someone once said to me, what Suzy says about Sally says more about Suzy than it does Sally. I don’t know how I would feel being asked about about another girl and what she said. Ask your own questions and fears surrounding someone yourself always.

Lily and Jimmy on The Bachelor
Jimmy pulling Lily aside to ask her about rumours spoke volumes to Angie Kent. Photo: Channel 10

The whole ‘Jay said that she would like to finish runner up as they do better’ Do better how? I heard this in my season too and god damn it weakens you in the moment. And I know it seems selfish to think everyone is there for you, but at this point you would think they would be, and you are completely there for them in that moment, so it does grind your gears massively and makes you question all.

Holly fully lives rent free in Steph's mind. That’s all I got after the Jimmy and Steph comment around the whole not getting over her ex situation. Steph leaving was soupy. Her reaction speaks volumes to me. She has very clearly been hurt a lot I feel, and that’s why she can be so savage. She seems to be trying to protect herself. But girl, do the work. You’ll feel better.

The Jay ‘runner up’ saga

On the group date they play Never Have I Ever, one of my all time fave games, I am not going to lie. But playing it with all the girls you are dating in the middle of nowhere camping? Now it’s getting M rated ,with all this passive aggressive innuendos, the beating around the bush about whether or not Jay said she wants to be runner up, Lets just say it ya’ll.

Jay on The Bachelor
Rumours swirled that Jay wants to come runner-up on the series. Photo: Channel 10

So Jay gets a single date so he can get to the nitty gritty to this runner up madness. He really likes her. You can tell. I personally don’t think you would stay on a show for this freaking long to be runner up? You would have to be pretty crook to want to do that to another person for more instagram followers and a teeth whitening deal? Hmmmm. More to this one me thinks.

Cocktail party in the comp site

Bless Jimmy for thinking this cocktail party in the middle of nowhere camping with a bunch of gals who are at WIG O’CLOCK at this stage of the love safari is going to be chilled.

Tahnee, ahhh girl, what have we missed here? If you are that good of a liar then my god, give the girl a Logie. Who is gaslighting who? This is wild. Maybe there’s a reason Tahnee hasn’t had any single dates but has stayed around for so long? If you want a gig out of acting on this show, you're wasting your time. You will just simply get the villain edit.

The Bachelor camping trip
The group went on a camping trip. Photo: Channel 10

The love marathon. I would never slay at any of these. Why can’t we have a movie marathon? A therapy marathon? Who can sleep the longest marathon? Who can offer up the best memes on instagram marathon? Now we talkin!.

When you are currently watching a bunch of hot smart girls in bathers doing an obstacle course to win time with a dude. Ehhh. The end. HA! I feel like I am watching Ninja Warrior, Survivor, Things of that nature. I just don’t think I would ever have the effort in me to try this hard physically to compete for one dude. Does that say more about me? because fellas did it for me, and let's face it. I am no Princess Di. But God damn I do try. And bless them for going through it. Bless us all.

Brooke is back

BROOKE!!! IS BACK!!!! And she is here to absolutely stir s**t upppppp! She’s grieved. She’s ready. Time makes the heart grow fonder. The girls are rotten about it. Another gal we have to catch up on. There’s so many rushed dates right now I don’t know whether I am Arthur or Martha.

Jimmy and Brooke on The Bachelor
Brooke is back! Photo: Channel 10

I love how she is referring to the power her grandparents have given her. Oh girl. This sounds wild but I totally can relate to this. Bring on that angel power. But the villain music for Brooke makes me feel there’s a storm brewin lovers. CALLS AND TEXTS when others aren’t allowed? Look, I know life happens but if you leave a show like this, you should not be able to text. You should be able to come back. There’s no rules anymore. I am all over the shop. I can’t even keep up anymore. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN BASIL?! I need to book in with my therapist. I am wigging out.

We say goodbye to Laura

Laura left. Dead giveaway. Zero kisses, no airtime towards the end other than her glorious humour.

What a week!


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