Angie Kent on the huge Bachelor change: ‘Felt like watching the Titanic’

Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's new Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's new season.

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied

We start this week with Jimmy fangin in on… is it a jet? Is it a plane? NO it’s a freakin MOTORBIKE this time. I just thank my angels that it wasn’t another plane.

And next thing I wanted to point out before we get knee deep in this week's episodes - that seriously felt like watching the length of Titanic at 3 hours and 14 minutes - how the hell did Jimmy have the time to be ‘workin on his bike’? In all the downtime you have between shooting 18 hour days and never getting a day off (and when you do it’s for wardrobe fittings) and the 50 million photoshoots you have to do with media?

Jimmy Nicholson on The Bachelor
This week's Bachelor 'seriously felt like watching the length of Titanic'. Photo: Channel 10

Lily and Jimmy go motorbike riding

First single date - Lily. Motorbike riding, and surfing. More bods and more bathers than ever before. Kissing in smashing waves in the freezing cold.


Look, one man’s idea of a perfect date is another (wo)mans idea of torture. Lily looked freezing while he was chatting tales about his family. Get the girl some clothes for the love of God. I guess. Lily and Jimmy both speaking so openly was nice to see. Vulnerability equals courage and it is so hard to be so vulnerable when you’re cold, tired and have 4400 production and camera crew around you.

The group date that was 'extremely hard to watch'

We have a group date with Jimmy’s sister, Tarnie, and cousin, Lisa, and drumroll, the question box is back baby. That old chestnut. It must rate well because they seem to use the ol’ question box nearly every season. To us as an audience it can seem lame and over done, but it is so legit in there. The nerves are next level. The girls seem like characters but they are not, remember. The answers and questions can really affect your overall feelings and decisions.

Bachelor group date
The group date that was 'extremely hard to watch'. Photo: Channel 10

Tatum seems like she has such an issue with Holly and says she feels intimidated by her. That seems like more of a Tatum issue than a Holly issue. Whenever I feel intimidated by someone, I often check my ego. Is it a fear-based response or am I not feeling myself?

A little moment of appreciation before I move on - I love during this s***storm of throwing each other under the bus and passive aggressive digs, Brookey is just there sculling her wine and being the mediator. Look, It was all extremely hard to watch.

Also Holly should not have to explain why she got defensive. Of course you would defend yourself when someone is s*****g all over your character. I think she handled the whole thing quite swimmingly to be fair.

Tatum bows out of the show

Good on her. If you don’t want to be somewhere then remove yourself. Don’t gaslight everyone around you for s***s and gigs and drama. Nothing is more important than your mental health. Believe me. I have learnt this the hard way many - a - time. Especially not over a man you just met and have to essentially compete against other women for.

Brooke leaves the show due her grandad's passing

Brooke has to leave due to a death in the family. Saying goodbye to someone during the experience when death is involved is hardcore. When Ciarran left my season because of the passing of his Nan (and so he could go back to his ex-girlfriend we later found out on BIP, bless), I was devastated, because I fully invested in our time together. He seemed super genuine. But let's not go there. Brooke would generally be devastated. Sending her bulk loving.

The group date I actually enjoyed

You know what, I actually really enjoyed this old school group date. You got to see their personalities shine through and they seemed more relaxed and fun. Laura did smash this group date, but it just seems a little too late to make new connections. I swear he’s got solid connections with like six of the gals at least. Which is great for him but not for hometowns and final three.

Then there’s a cheeky rose ceremony after a group date. They would be so drained. I felt sick when I heard him say there is a rose ceremony after the school prom. That's one long day of filming and delirium.

Rose ceremony time. Sierah not getting a rose, that awkward as hell back tap cuddle and the rant about Jimmy not liking tall horny bogans. Change the word tall to short and I totally feel ya sister. It was everything.

The Bachelor women on a group date
The women look happy as they head out on a group date. Photo: Channel 10

The Bachie episode that never ends

This episode feels like a movie, a double episode of sorts. Laura admitted that she uses humour as a form of coping mechanism for dating as it’s hardcore. GIRL, I can relate to this hard out. Laura was so vulnerable and opened up more than most girls and then - Jesus take the wheel - I could feel the secondhand embarrassment. Jimmy kisses everyone. Gives her a rose and doesn’t want to kiss? I had to watch it twice, just to believe my eyes. Laura, don’t worry about it girl, I mean, it is a horrible situation to be in, but you are a queen and not a d***head. Perhaps he's not worthy of your sweet sweet kisses.

Bachelor girls ‘dropping like flies’

How’s all these self eliminations? The girls are dropping like flies. There are so many reasons for this. Not feeling it with Jimmy? Knowing he’s not feeling it with you? Can’t stand the setup? Tahnee got a rose - finally. I don’t get why she hasn’t received a single date yet. She’s Steven Bradbury at this point.

Ok I have to tap out now. I feel like the old lady in Titanic when she says it’s been ’84 years’. It’s been 84 years since I started this article and I think my hands have pruned up.

Until next week lovers x

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