The $45 Amazon bestseller that will keep you warm all winter

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woman wearing grey Hooded blanket from the comfy on sale for Prime Day
Hooded blankets are like walking around with a blanket wrapped over your head and shoulders. Photo: Amazon Australia

After the cold snap that the eastern half of Australia has been shivering through, there’s no denying that winter is well and truly here - and will be sticking around for another long two and a half months.

Fortunately however, we find ourselves in an era where comfy clothing and mainstream fashion have intersected in a way that means an outfit we would have been ashamed to have been caught outside our homes in ten years ago, is now a legitimate trend. Just look at how puffer jackets and matching loungewear sets have weaseled their way into every second person’s wardrobe.

Wearable blankets on sale

Another trend that’s taken off in the post COVID world is the hooded blanket or 'Oodie', and today you can pick one up at a discount price thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

The Comfy is the brand that started the whole hooded blanket trend, and their original wearable blankets are on sale for $45 instead of $60, while their lighter microfibre ones are also reduced to $47 from $60.

Unfortunately, it's a one day only sale, but if you miss out, Bonds is doing a half price sale on their hooded blankets, which are now priced at $47.40, and Oodie has $25 off selected styles too.

The hooded blanket trend

You may be surprised to know that the idea first hit the market back in 2017 when two genius brothers from the middle of the Arizona desert went on Shark Tank with what is essentially an oversized hoodie made out of a blanket.

It’s supposed to be the hands-free equivalent of cocooning your head and shoulders under a blanket, so you can take that warmth and comfort with you everywhere you go.

The Comfy, as they called it, was a success, but it wasn’t until the global pandemic hit that it became a worldwide phenomenon. This year alone they've made $150 million worth of sales, compared to $300 million total since 2017.

avocado Oodie with matching avocado uggs
Oodie has printed wearable blankets in all sorts of prints, including a limited range of matching UGG boots. Photo: Oodie

Now hundreds of different brands all over the world stock some iteration of the hooded blanket, including Kmart and Bonds in Australia.


Local Aussie brand Oodie has run wild with the concept and created hooded blankets in dozens of cute prints.

They have corgi, otter and pizza prints, as well as Harry Potter, Friends, Baby Yoda and Mickey Mouse ranges, plus they’ve just released a collaboration with Original UGG Boots Australia so you can now have matching avocado prints on your Oodie and your UGGs.

Weighted blankets also on sale

The other recent trend in blankets is of course the weighted blanket, which as the name suggests, is essentially a blanket that has weighted beads sewn into it to make it heavier.

It sounds pretty redundant but the idea is based on research that shows that extra weight can have a calming effect on your nervous system and even aid in reducing insomnia when used overnight.

It’s like being wrapped in a hug or swaddled like a newborn. Weighted blankets have been around for a while and used as a sensory tool to help children with autism, but they’ve seen a surge in popularity in recent years with brands marketing them to everyday shoppers as a way to reduce stress.

Every individual’s experience will be different, and they do come with a rather steep price tag, but there are a few end of financial year sales around at the moment.

woman sitting on a couch with a weighted blanket
Calming Blankets Australia has a sale on at the moment. Photo: Calming Blankets Australia

Calming Blankets Australia is taking $110 off the price of its adults weighted blanket and king-sized bamboo weighted blanket, now down to $189 and $299 respectively.

Meanwhile Oodie has a half price bundle at the moment, offering a hooded blanket and weighted blanket bundle for just $134.

There are also a couple of deals around for Prime Day, with this 9kg weighted blankets down to $80 and this 7kg one down to $72.

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