Kmart's $49 dupe of popular $299 weighted blanket sends shoppers wild

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Kmart's $49 dupe of popular $299 weighted blanket
Kmart's $49 dupe of popular $299 weighted blanket. Photos: Kmart/Calming Blankets

When it comes to keeping comfortable and cozy in winter - nothing much sounds better than a warm hug right?

That's where the popular weighted blanket has carved out a niche, providing warmth when it's cold and dark outside, but also the added benefit of proven stress relief and comfort.

The likes of fluffy loungewear, microwaveable slippers and hooded blankets have quickly becoming must-haves as the weather cools down, and if you're thinking of adding a weighted blanket to that collection but don't necessarily want to shell out a few hundred dollars, Kmart has decided to step up to the plate yet again selling a $49 knockoff of the original Calming Blankets weighted blanket.

Kmart Adult Weighted Blanket - Grey
The Kmart Adult Weighted Blanket in Grey. Photo: Kmart

The Kmart Adult Weighted Blanket is 150cm x 200cm in size, made from Polyester and weighs 7kg.

Currently it's only available in grey, but is definitely a cheaper version of the popular Calming Blankets one that retails for $299.

Kmart's blanket has received plenty of 5-star reviews on the retailer's website with one shopper calling it the "best thing I've ever bought".

But one person called it "overpriced for what it is", while another said it "was not as life-changing" as they thought it would be.


The original Weighted Blanket designed to improve sleep and reduce anxiety

If it's the more expensive option you're after then, the original Calming Blankets one normally retails for $299 but is currently 50% off, down to $189.00, if you use the code 'Winter'.

The outer minky plush fabric is snuggly and warm, while the eco-friendly glass beads, sewn in separate blanket pockets, disperse the weight evenly over your body.

There are also more weight options available with the Calming Blankets offering one in in 4.5kg, 6.8kg, or 9.0kg.

calming blankets
The original weighted blanket from Calming Blankets. Photo: Calming Blankets

"I used to have problems falling asleep and would wake many times during the night. Since I got my blanket, I sleep so much deeper and fall asleep faster. No more waking up tired and grumpy," reads one five-star review from shopper Kirsten on the Calming Blankets website.

Even more exciting, you can order today and enjoy a 30 day risk-free trial!

Calming Blankets
Calming Blankets come in 4.5kg, 6.8kg, or 9.0kg. Photo: Calming Blankets

Still on the fence? A recent study on weighted blankets has shown that 33 per cent of people reported decreases in their nervous system overactivity. 63 per cent reported having lower stress, while 78 per cent preferred the weighted blanket as a tool to relieve stress over any other option.

Kmart's dupe of popular Oodie

It's not the first time Kmart has provided a bargain option of a cult winter buy.

The store's $29 dupe of the popular $109 Oodie has literally been flying off shelves as well.

A TikTok video showing the Kmart’s women’s Pull Over Gown is a three-quarter length hooded blanket attracted over a thousand comments, with many saying they’re dying to get their hands on one, while others complained that the quality can’t be compared to the original Oodie.

“I used to have a Kmart one, it lasted a month and then I got the real one. I didn’t realise until I had the new one that the Kmart one was thinner,” one person wrote.

Oodie has Australia’s largest range of hooded blankets for adults and kids, with all sorts of prints and colours available, however they do come in at around $100 a pop.

kmart oodie
Kmart has a version of the popular Oodie. Photos: Kmart/Oodie

Stock up on an Oodie AND a weighted blanket

If both an Oodie and a weighted blanket need to be added to your collection of cozy home accessories then you'll be excited to hear cult brand Oodie also sell their own version of a weighted blanket for $159.

And even better - you can get them both in a bargain bundle at the moment. Nab yourself an Oodie AND a weighted blanket for just $134 using the code 'winter' - down from the usual $268.

If it's just a weighted blanket you're after, there are a bunch of other online retailers that also offer then at a range of price points and weights.

Adairs Dusty Pink & Floral 2kg Weighted Lap Throw - $56

adairs weighted blanket
This pink throw is only 2kg if you're after something lighter. Photo: Adairs Weighted Blanket with Bamboo & Dotted Minky Cover - $70

catch-com-au weighted blanket
This version has a similar minky cover to the original. Photo:

Prices current at time of publishing.

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