Oodie releases matching UGGs to get you through winter

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Oodie has ventured into new territory and has just dropped a new collaboration with Original UGG Boots Australia, so you can now match your hooded blanket to your UGGs if you’re so inclined.

The line includes seven different styles that match existing Oodies, with avocado, unicorn, koala, corgi and panda prints among the range.

The new Oodie UGGs are unisex and currently only come in adult sizes - sorry kids.

They also don’t come cheap, with a pair retailing for $199, however, they are currently on sale for $174. Meanwhile, the matching Oodies are also on sale at the moment, down from $109 each to $84.

model wearing an avocado Oodie next to a matching pair of avocado Uggs
Oodie has just released a line of UGG boots with matching prints. Photo: Oodie

What to look for when buying UGGs

The world of UGGs can be a little confusing to navigate because there are so many brands with almost identical names and very similar looking products.

Some brands use ‘Australia’ in their name but not all of their products are made in Australia, so look into those details if that’s important to you. Anything made in Australia should have that fact sewn onto the boot, like the UGG collaboration with Oodie has.


Also look for whether the sheepskin is Australian or not, interestingly, the first and most well known brand - which has changed its name from ‘UGG Australia’ to just ‘UGG’ - while created by an Aussie, is actually US owned and its boots are not made in Australia from Australian materials.

UGGs on sale in Australia

To get the best price, keep an eye out for sales and just do a little research to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

a pair of ugg boots on sale in australia
These UGGs are currently on sale for $60. Photo: Kogan

Outback UGGs, for example, uses Australian sheepskin but its boots are not made in Australia. The brand’s half length camel coloured UGGs are currently on sale at Kogan for $60 instead of the usual $160, while their full length boots are priced at $95, marked down from $200.

Meanwhile, a number of designs from US brand UGG, are 30 percent off at The Iconic right now, with up to $66 off the regular retail price.

OZWEAR's 3/4 length UGGs are also on sale at Catch.com, down from $259 to $100, however they are made in China and do not use Australian sheepskin.

What is an Oodie?

An Oodie is a wearable blanket - a cross between an oversized hoodie and that super cosy blanket you wrap around your shoulders and walk around the house in when it’s extra cold.

The idea first hit the market in 2017 thanks to US show Shark Tank, when The Comfy’s wearable blankets made their debut.

the original oodie brand the comfy
The Comfy was the first brand to come out with hooded blankets and they are available for $60 on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia

You can get your hands on the original brand’s designs in Australia for $60 via Amazon Australia, but loads of local brands have started offering similar products now.

The rise of relaxed dressing thanks to COVID-related stay at home orders over the past year and a bit has seen hooded blankets, and similar trends like loungewear, spike in popularity as shoppers look to get as comfy as possible while stuck inside.

Other brands selling hooded blankets

In Australia, you can pick up a hooded blanket from Bonds, Miz Casa and Co, Oodie and Adairs with prices ranging from $71 to $109.

four adults wearing oodies on sale
Oodie is at the top of the price scale, but they have good discounts on bundle packs, like this set of four for $279, which works out at $70 each. Photo: Oodie

At the lower end of the price scale, Cotton On has an adults ‘snugget’ currently on sale for $30, down from $60, and Kmart has a $29 design that shoppers have been going wild over but it’s only available in navy blue.

Big W also has a cheap design for $40, however, as with anything that comes with a significantly reduced price tag, some shoppers have complained that the quality of the cheaper designs on the market isn’t as nice as some of the more expensive brands.

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