Amazing Race's Emma and Hayley spill on 'traumatic' unaired challenge

EXCLUSIVE: The sisters open up about their time on the reality show.

The Amazing Race’s Hayley and Emma Watkins have revealed the one challenge they wish viewers got to see on TV.

The fan-favourite contestants, who are one of the four teams to have made it to the final week of the competition, tell Yahoo Lifestyle there was a “traumatic” roadblock in India that never made it to air.

The Amazing Race’s Emma Watkins and Hayley Watkins.
The Amazing Race’s Emma and Hayley Watkins have opened up about their time on the reality show. Photo: Channel 10

“There was one challenge that got cut where I had to eat some sort of leaf that was on fire, and I would have loved for everyone to have seen that because that was a traumatic experience,” Hayley details.

“You had to basically make, like, 26 leaves or something with different ingredients and then you had to consume one, but you didn't know that they were going to put it on fire before they put it into your mouth, and they just shoved it right in, on fire.

“So I think that challenge would have been a good one, but it's so fine. It was a great experience.”


While a handful of challenges were edited out of the show this season, the sisters admit that one of their favourite parts of watching the series is seeing the challenges they didn’t choose to do themselves.

“I think that is the beauty about this show, that contestants get to then watch all the others struggle through challenges which we didn’t pick or we didn't see,” Emma remarks.

“And there's so many in the race now when we watch it back, and we've been texting each other every Wednesday and Thursday night, and we’ve been like, ‘I wish we had chosen that one!’.”

The Amazing Race’s Hayley Watkins and Emma Watkins.
The sisters admit the show was ‘so much harder’ than they could have anticipated. Photo: Channel 10

'So much harder'

Despite being fans of the reality show since childhood, Emma and Hayley admit the experience was much more difficult than they could have anticipated.

“It’s one of those things that you don't know what to expect,” Emma says. “Hayley and I watched the show through school, it’s such an institution and we really love the show.

“But then when you get there, it's completely different. It's so much harder. Even watching back it’s like, ‘It was harder than that!’.”


The children’s entertainers, who are competing on behalf of The Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund, went on to say that they’d love to do The Amazing Race again but are less likely to appear on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

“I don't think I could go through any sort of bug scenario again, so I'm out,” Hayley laughs. “I tap out of that.”

“I feel like the best thing about the race is that you get to do with your partner, there’s not any show that you really have that opportunity,” Emma adds.

“And if I was doing The Amazing Race on my own I would never have survived, it was purely because we had Hayley. So I don't think we could do that, but we would do Amazing Race again, absolutely.”

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