Amazing Race stars reveal surprising reality of filming the show

EXCLUSIVE: Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn spill on their Amazing Race experience.

Comedian Peter Rowsthorn and his daughter Frankie have shared a surprising insight into what it’s really like competing on The Amazing Race Australia.

The Kath & Kim star tells Yahoo Lifestyle that, unlike his experience on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2018 when he lost 12kg, he actually gained weight while racing around the world.

Peter Rowsthorn, Beau Ryan and Frankie Rowsthorn.
Peter Rowsthorn and his daughter Frankie have opened up about what it’s really like competing on The Amazing Race. Photo: Channel 10

“The jungle was way harder,” he shares. “On The Amazing Race, you’re away from everyone most of the day and then you come together at the end and have a couple of beers in the bar and mingle with who you want to mingle with.

“But with the jungle, it was far more intense and far more physically challenging because of the weight loss, and the challenges were harder.”


Frankie adds that the celebrity-filled cast regularly indulged in buffet meals when they weren’t filming the show.

“We were like, how did we gain weight on The Amazing Race? We were supposed to get so skinny,” she says with a laugh. “But I love buffets.”

“It was a buffet frenzy over there,” Peter joked.

Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn.
Peter says he and Frankie actually gained weight while racing around the world. Photo: Channel 10

'Really disappointed'

The pair went on to say that the biggest surprise when filming the show in India and Malaysia was the intense “culture shock”.

“That first episode when we were running around trying to get all the spices in the market was the hardest for sure,” Frankie says. “And you're not anticipating the heat when you go to do that. The heat was crazy.”

“The heat doesn’t read on TV. It was so stifling,” Peter adds.


Despite being the third team eliminated, Peter says he “loved every second” of his experience and really enjoyed travelling with Frankie.

“We had a great time,” he says. “We laughed more than we cried. We didn’t cry at all, actually.

“I wish we had more screen time. I was really disappointed with the amount of screen time we got, given we really didn't shut up the whole time. We were actually doing some really funny stuff out there which didn’t get aired, but it was really fun to do a TV show together.”

You can learn more about Peter and Frankie’s charity All Stars for Autism here.

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