Amazing Race's George Mladenov reveals the one moment he wishes was aired

EXCLUSIVE: The Survivor star opens up about his relationship with the other celebrity contestants.

Australian Survivor fan favourite George Mladenov has opened up about the one moment he’s disappointed viewers didn’t get to see from his time on The Amazing Race.

The reality TV star had quite a tumultuous experience on the Channel 10 series, butting heads with his sister Pam and forming rivalries with his celebrity competitors, and was ultimately eliminated during Thursday night’s episode in Malaysia.

The Amazing Race's George Mladenov, Beau Ryan and Pam Mladenov.
The Amazing Race's George Mladenov has opened up about his experience on the reality show. Photo: Channel 10

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following his exit, George shares that although he didn't get along with everyone in the star-studded cast, he did manage to patch things up with dual Olympian Jana Pittman in a sweet unseen moment.

“What I wish got shown was me making peace with Jana Pittman, because I can't think of a more fantastic person than Jana Pittman,” he says. “Yes, she misdirected us in that Indian ally, but at the Roadblock which didn't get played from episode one, we actually cleared the air and worked really well together.

“No one impresses me more on that cast than Jana Pittman, a very highly qualified obstetrician at the Royal Women's Hospital in Sydney, a mother of six children - including [her son] Corr who's a fantastic person himself. I really hope their story continues to shine.”


George went on to say that the dynamic between this season’s cast was quite unusual because everyone had a public profile - as well as a large ego.

"I think the interesting thing with a celebrity season, and particularly for us, is our cast got announced while we were doing the race and that changed everything,” he details.

“So some people were very upset they didn't get much of a public reaction, and I can't control that. I can't control which of the cast Channel 10 launched with. They launched with me and Grant Denyer, and I'm glad they did because the ratings are up. I can't help salty sour grapes, that's not my problem.”

The Amazing Race Australia celebrity cast.
George says some of the cast were ‘very upset’ they didn’t receive much of a public reaction when they were announced. Photo: Channel 10

George exposes the surprising reality of The Amazing Race

While George’s love of Survivor is well-documented, he shares that he’s also been a fan of The Amazing Race since he was a kid and he wanted to compete for three very distinct reasons.

“Firstly, to make an entertaining TV show,” he lists. "Secondly, to have a personal experience with my younger sister because we never travelled much growing up with our nine-year age gap. But thirdly, and equally important for me, was to raise awareness of the work that women's health centres do.”

What he didn’t expect, however, was how different the filming experience would be after competing on two seasons of Survivor.

“Yes, the 12 to 16 hours of stress we had on legs on the race was hard and it was stressful, but we went back to a hotel room, we had buffets non-stop and room service and showers and beds to sleep on,” he reveals.

“And these people were still whinging and I had a gut full of it because there are so many people actually doing it tough throughout Australia. And when I hear people say they throw out their undies every two days and they hire different Lamborghinis, it's not very relatable and maybe that's why they're not very interesting.”

The Amazing Race's George Mladenov and his sister Pam.
George wanted to do The Amazing Race ’to have a personal experience’ with his younger sister Pam. Photo: Channel 10

Despite the fact that he didn’t make it to the end of the race, George says he’s very keen to see how the season pans out and hopes others continue to tune in.

“I hope everybody keeps watching because The Amazing Race is one of the three original reality TV shows with Survivor and Big Brother, and I want The Amazing Race to have a bright future,” he remarks.

“I can't wait to see how this fantastic cast finishes the final six legs of this race and I'll be watching avidly and I encourage everybody else to do so.”

The Amazing Race Australia continues Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play

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