Amazing Race insider reveals which celebrity was the 'biggest diva' during filming

The new season follows famous faces racing around the world to raise money for charity.

This year’s season of The Amazing Race Australia is well underway, with 11 teams of celebrities and their partners swapping their luxury lifestyles for economy flights and backpacker hostels.

The cast includes some of Australia’s most famous faces from TV, music and social media racing for over a month across India, Malaysia and Cambodia.

The Amazing Race Australia celebrity cast.
The Amazing Race Australia has cast 11 teams of celebrities and their loved ones for season seven. Photo: Channel 10

With the stars competing to win $100,000 for their chosen charity, a production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that a majority of the contestants were “super competitive” and “kept their cards close to their chest”.

Model and TV presenter Bec Judd, however, is said to have “taken it to the next level” with her sister Kate Twigley.

“Bec and Kate haven’t been helping anyone and she’s so determined to prove to viewers she’s more than just a WAG,” the insider told us while the show was still filming.

“She is there to win and will do anything, but she’s also keeping it showbiz and won’t do anything without makeup first. The crew have been having a laugh she’s the biggest diva because of how much time she spends on glam compared to the other celebs.”


It appears that Bec and Kate’s hard work and determination have begun to pay off as they went from finishing 10th in the first leg to 3rd place in Thursday night’s episode.

The sisters, who are hoping to raise money for Impatient Advocacy, shared on the show that they have been fans of The Amazing Race for as long as they could remember and are thrilled to be living out a childhood dream.

 The Amazing Race Australia's Kate Twigley and Bec Judd.
Bec Judd (right) is said to have acted like the ‘biggest diva’ during filming. Photo: Channel 10

Bec and Kate's advantage in the competition

Earlier this month Bec revealed to KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren that she and Kate had a surprise advantage over the other teams in the race: germaphobia.

“Kate and I were the only team that didn’t s**t ourselves,” she said. “Everyone was giving us a hard time about being germaphobes and packing too much medication.

“Half of my kit was medication. I had more medication than the medic on the show. Every food challenge, I’d put Travelan in my mouth beforehand, but Kate would pop it in so we wouldn’t touch it with our fingers.”


She continued: “Everyone gave us a hard time saying we overreacted, but we were one of the only teams that weren’t vomiting and sh**ting our way through India.

“People were going down left, right and centre.”

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