Aldi's famous $49.99 wearable sleeping bag is back: 'It's a camping necessity!'

Aldi are bringing back some of their sell-out camping items so you had better get in quick!

There are about to be a whole bunch of happy campers heading into Aldi with the store’s always-popular Easter camping sale kicking off this weekend. From Saturday, March 16 shoppers will find the famous middle aisle packed with camping gear, including the iconic Sleeping Bag OneZ.

The all-in-one sleeping bag is Fully insulated with an elastic waistband and dual zipper access. It also has removable feet so you can easily get around a campsite comfy and warm and it has fleece-lined side entry pockets.

Aldi Camping Sale 2024

When it was first launched back in 2022 TikToker Laura Jane who runs the account nailingmotherhood described it as “the best purchase she’s made in a really, really long time” telling her followers in her unsolicited review that they “needed” to go out and get one.

Since then the OneZ has been the most popular item during the store’s camping Special Buys sale.


The $49.99 sell-out sleeping bag is just one of the camping essentials set to fly off shelves this weekend, with Aldi launching a new must-have item this year.

The new Snuggle Hoodie has a reversible design with a quilted, waterproof outer layer and an inner fleece layer for extra warmth.

The new addition to the camping range is $34.99 and is set to send shoppers into a spin with many already sharing their excitement about the camping clothing on social media.

Aldi Camping Sale 2024
The OneZ and the adult’s Snuggle Hoodie are set to be sell-out items at this year's Aldi Happy Campers Special Buys sale. Photo: Aldi

Some parents called the sale items a “camping necessity” saying the winter warmer designs, are not only perfect for camping but for wearing while watching children’s winter sporting games.

“This would be amazing for watching my kids sporting events. Would they hate me? Yes. Would I be warm while being hated? Also yes,” one person commented on TikTok.

“You boys could do with this, snuggles over Easter camping,” commented another on the Aldi Australia Facebook page, with another adding “Our footy uniform!”

But for those avid campers, Aldi has a lot more to offer than just super warm wearable sleeping bags and oversized hoodies. There’s also a range of affordable camping gear up for grabs ahead of the traditional camping season over the Easter long weekend.

Aldi Camping sale 2024
Going on a fuss-free camping trip? This Instant Up 4-person Tent for $149 is all you need. Photo: Aldi

For those first-time campers, Aldi has $24.99 winter sleeping bags in both children’s and adult sizes, a water-repellant quilted camping blanket for $69.99, a queen air mattress with built-in pump for $59.99 and a range of different shaped heavy-duty canvas storage bags for $19.99.


And as if that wasn’t enough, there are also some great deals on camping basics including the Byron Bay Camp Chairs for $29.99, the Instant Up 4-person Tent for $149 and Cast Iron Cookware for $19.99.

Looks like Aldi’s middle aisle has done it again, so be sure to get in early for these camping gear buys because it’s on only while stock lasts.

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