Aldi launches summer camping Special Buys including 10-person tent

There's no denying that Aldi's Special Buys create excitement and anticipation amongst shoppers in Australia.

And even when you don't plan on heading to Aldi to pick up a specific Special Buy, many of us can't resist walking down those middle aisles, seeing what's there and often picking up a bargain that we may, or may not, need.

Two people camping by the water with Aldi's 10-Person Tent.
Aldi's 10-person tent is priced at just $179.00. Photo: Aldi

One sale that is consistently popular with outdoor-loving Aussies is Aldi's camping equipment. Even though Aldi sells camping gear at least twice a year, it seems as though we can't get enough of it, especially in the last couple of years when international and interstate travel has been particularly difficult.

Popular Aldi Facebook groups often have members asking "Anyone know when the next camping sale might be?" or "Have I missed out on Aldi’s camping Special Buys this year?".

With so much to explore in our beautiful country, it's easy to understand why camping gear is so popular. So luckily Aldi is bringing it back in their post-Christmas Special Buys.


Glamping with friends or your large family is certainly made easier with this fabulous 10-person tent priced at just $179.00.

If you wish to create a real community feel with different spaces on your next camping trip that will protect you from the elements so you can enjoy the great outdoors come rain or shine, the central locking gazebo (below - $89.99), the gazebo tent with heavy-duty PE floor ($79.99), and a gazebo screen room ($69.99) should definitely be on your shopping list.

Two people posing by a camping gazebo tent; Aldi's 10-person tent, a 55-litre icebox and a camping LED light.
Gazebo tent with heavy-duty PE floor, 10-person tent, 55-litre icebox and LED light. Photos: Aldi

There are also items to make your stay more comfortable including a queen air mattress ($29.99), single air mattresses ($16.99), heavy-duty tarp to protect you or your gear ($19.99), and a tent fan to keep your tent cool ($16.99).

The summer camping Special Buys range starts at just $4.99 for various LED lights and also includes rechargeable lanterns or spotlights ($29.99), a 55L icebox ($99), and a portable rolling cooler ($39.99) that will help you stay cool and classy on your camping trip.

For camping both comfortably and in style, there are also premium camp chairs ($24.99) and a picnic backpack with a wine bottle holder ($39.99).

Premium camp chair, picnic backpack and anywhere LED light.
Premium camp chair, picnic backpack and anywhere LED light. Photo: Aldi

With international and interstate travel still up in the air, this range is sure to fly off the shelves so we can all enjoy a summer holiday in comfort and style.

Everything in this range will be available from Wednesday 29th of December in Aldi stores.

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