The two-ingredient Aldi dinner shoppers can't get enough of: 'So good!'

When it comes to simple dinners it doesn't get much easier than two ingredients. So it’s no wonder Aldi shoppers are absolutely losing it over this fuss-free dinner hack.

The recipe, which was posted on an Aldi fans Facebook page, includes the store’s spiced mango marinated skinless butterfly chicken and one single tub of thickened cream.

At $9.99 per kilo for the chicken and $2.79 for a 300ml tub of cream, the recipe is also being praised as a budget-friendly family meal too.

The cooking hack was shared on the page after one person saw it and decided to give it a try, sharing the results along the way using the same ingredients.

“You sear the chicken off then add cream and the remaining sauce and simmer it until it’s fully cooked through and then served with rice,” he explained of the process.

Aldi 2 ingredient dinner.
The simple recipe was praised as not only easy, but budget-friendly too. Photo: Facebook

While the chicken is usually cooked on the grill or the air fryer, the clever cook decided to try it on the stove top, creating a creamy poached mango chicken recipe that can be dished up with rice or mash.

Explaining how he did it, the recipe received dozens of likes and comments from others curious about how it turned out.

“I added the chicken into a medium hot pan skin side down just to colour the chicken a bit then I added five garlic gloves around the chicken and a drop of butter,” the Aldi fan explained.

“I constantly shook the pan so the chicken wouldn’t stick and burn because after all it’s a sweet marinate and will burn in no time. Then I added the cream and stirred it all around.”


After some cooking time the lid is placed on and when it’s almost finished the chicken is cut up in pieces and returned to the sauce.

“So we’ve pretty much turned an Aldi chicken which most people air fry or roast or BBQ into a sort of creamy poached chicken which is always juicy and tender despite Aldis' chicken already being tender,” he added.

And apart from using the two main ingredients, other bits and pieces from the fridge could be added too like garlic, mushrooms, spinach or beans.

Aldi fans excited about easy meal

The recipe post quickly gained popularity with dozens of people saying they loved the idea and wanted to try it out for themselves.

“I’ve cooked that chicken in the air fryer before it also comes out good. The cream is a great idea,” one person wrote.

“It looks and sounds amazing. I love when people combine stuff to make a different sounding meal,” added another.

Aldi 2 ingredient dinner.
The results saw the packet marinated chicken turned into a complete meal. Photo: Facebook

“Wow that sounds delicious we had this chicken the other night next time I’ll try this,” shared a third.

Others said they were also keen to give it a try in the slow cooker while some said it would be ideal with coconut cream too.

One Aldi fan said she had altered the recipe for the slow cooker with exceptional results.

“It is sensational with coconut cream added. I do mine in the slow cooker. I serve it with basmati rice and my son just inhales it,” she wrote in the post.

She explained that the chicken also cooks perfectly in the slow cooker on low for around 8 hours but added that she usually “wings it” depending on her slow cooker. In the last hour, she adds the coconut cream and serves it with rice.

“You'll know it's ready when it just falls apart and is super tender,” she shared.

Well, it doesn't get much easier than that!

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