Aldi $299 Pilates machine sells out in minutes and sparks fight in store: 'It was intense'

Aldi is known for great value Special Buys and shoppers couldn't wait to score this one.

Aldi is known for its money-saving Special Buys, but their latest addition has shoppers scrambling to score one - literally.

Over the weekend the $299 Pilates Reformer Machine hit Aldi’s middle aisle for the first time becoming the newest must-have item thanks to the very appealing price tag. Similar reformer machines usually cost upwards of $2000 so for a fraction of the price, shoppers were more than willing to line up to score one.

But dozens of eager shoppers said they had missed out on the seemingly now sold-out item after such high demand.

“I went to three different stores right after the shop opened and they were all sold out! One store only had six in stock all on the floor, one had three and one had seven,” a Western Australia shopper wrote on the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page.

“All sold out in Sunshine Coast,” another added.

Aldi Pilates Reformer Machine.
Aldi's Pilates Reformer Machine was also experiencing stock delays in some stores across Australia. Source: Aldi Australia

Other shoppers found that there was very limited stock in stores with some only having two or three available.

"My local only had 3 available. Lined up at 7.50 am and managed to get one. A lot of disappointed people who lined up after 8 am," a Victorian shopper shared.

"Two stores in our area had only received four and the first two women took two each at the first store," another wrote.


Fights broke out

Shoppers at the Karrinyup store in Perth got caught up in a scuffle over the item with Aldi management and security called in to break up a reportedly "intense" altercation.

A shopper who witnessed the dramatic exchange unfold said the customers were screaming at each other and refusing to let go of the box.

“It was intense, they were yelling at each other saying they got there first — they wouldn’t let go of the box, all four of them,” the witness told Perth Now.

Shoppers outside an Aldi store.
Aldi is known for their affordable Special Buys, but this particular one sparked quite a commotion amongst shoppers. Source: Getty Images

“The store manager had to try to intervene to calm them down, he told them they weren’t going to be able to purchase it and that they would be escorted out by security for their poor behaviour,” the witness continued. “The whole situation was awkward and uncomfortable to watch.”

An Aldi Australia spokesperson acknowledged the incident telling Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that the behaviour won't be tolerated in stores.

"While we are encouraged by enthusiasm for our Special Buys, fundamentally any behaviour that puts our employees or other customers at risk is unacceptable. We ask customers to be patient and respectful when shopping in our stores," the spokesperson said.

Available on Marketplace

The in-demand item is now popping up on the Facebook Marketplace with some listed at almost double the price.

"Went on sale today for $299 already on Marketplace for $500," one person wrote on Facebook pointing out the Marketplace ad.

Pilates reformer shown in an ad on Facebook Marketplace.
The Aldi Pilates Reformer machine has already popped up on Facebook Marketplace. Photo: Facebook

According to an Aldi spokesperson, there was an unexpected "significant interest" from Aldi shoppers.


"We’re delighted to hear that customers have been eager to pick up the Reformer Pilates Machine to level up at their at-home workouts. While we always forecast the stock levels of our products to meet the expected customer demand, there has been significant interest from enthusiastic customers for the Reformer Pilates Machine," the Aldi spokesperson said.

Despite the huge demand, Aldi confirmed several stores still have stock available and encouraged customers to use their stock checker for locations.

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