Aldi's 'delicious' Cadbury Caramilk dupe flies off shelves at $1.99

Aldi’s limited edition dupe of Cadbury's popular Caramilk chocolate block has hit shelves and shoppers can hardly contain their excitement.

Customers shared their collective enthusiasm over Aldi’s Dairy Fine Caramel Chocolate block, which is available in stores across the country for only $1.99.

A "creamy blend of caramel and white chocolate", the supermarket's caramel chocolate has been labelled a worthy rival to Cadbury Caramilk by Aldi fans in a community Facebook group.

Aldi’s Dairy Fine Caramel Chocolate block alongside Cadbury Caramilk
Aldi’s $1.99 Dairy Fine Caramel Chocolate has been hailed as an identical dupe for Cadbury Caramilk by shoppers. Source: Facebook/Cadbury

“Limited edition. Aldi's version of Caramilk! $1.99. Delicious. Tastes just like Cadbury,” wrote one enthusiastic shopper.

Alongside the post, the woman shared a photo of the 180g block of caramel chocolate, which is available for a "limited time only".


Cadbury Caramilk currently retails at Coles for $5 and Woolworths for $3.50, or $1.94 per 100g – which means that Aldi shoppers are saving upwards of $1.50 by opting for the German supermarket's imitation chocolate block.

'Very close in taste' says Aldi shopper

Hundreds of Aldi fans shared the woman's excitement over the Caramilk dupe, with many saying it was similar tasting without the price tag.

"Very close in taste. Slightly different texture (didn't dissolve in the roof of my mouth as creamy), but pretty damn close for $1.99," responded one shopper to the woman's post.

Others lamented they were unable to find the chocolate in their local Aldi stores as it quickly flew off the shelves.

Aldi shopper pushes trolley inside open supermarket
Hundreds of Aldi fans shared the woman’s excitement over the Cadbury Caramilk dupe. Source: Getty

While another conscious customer pointed out that buying Aldi chocolate also helps to "support the Rainforest Alliance".

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation that builds alliances with farmers, forest communities, companies and consumers to protect forests, improve the livelihoods of farmers and forest communities and promote their human rights.

How does Aldi work with the Rainforest Alliance?

Aldi Australia partnered with the Rainforest Alliance to offer a share of products that contribute to better farming practices, fight against the climate crisis, conserve forests, protect the human rights of farmers and workers and improve their livelihoods.

Approximately 60 per cent of Aldi Australia's chocolate products currently come from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, which is why products like Dairy Fine Caramel Chocolate feature the organisation's signature green frog seal on the packaging.

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