Aldi shoppers reveal their top 5 products - and you might be surprised

Whether you’re a keen Aldi customer or haven’t yet shopped at the budget retailer, there are some must-try products you need to know about.

Aldi fans recently shared their top five favourite products that they include in their weekly shop.

And while there are some common Aldi staples among the most popular suggestions, some of the top choices are a little surprising.

A Facebook post kicked off with one Aldi customer asking others what they loved to buy at the supermarket, writing: “Ok Aldi shoppers what are your top 5 favourites?”

Aldi sign outside store
Hundreds of Aldi fans shared their favourite items from the store. Source: Getty Images

The post was quickly flooded with hundreds of comments from shoppers keen to share their must-have grocery items.

So what are shoppers loving?

Amongst the most popular suggestions are calamari rings, garlic dip, spinach and cheese gozleme, and the store's Lactose-free milk.

One shopper went so far as to say she found her fave products were "far superior" to other grocery stores.

"All the cleaning products are far superior to Woolies and Coles and half the price," she said.

Aldi’s cleaning products received several recommendations, including the store’s DiSan pre-wash stain remover, which has a huge cult following.

Aldi cleaning products
Aldi's laundry and cleaning range received rave reviews, with DiSan products particularly popular. Source: Aldi

“Laundry products and cleaning products plus the lactose-free milk is way superior to Woolies and Coles own brand, and Italian style tuna in the yellow can is the best, the can is actually all tuna.”

The post revealed that the most popular overall products include the huge selection of Aldi's award-winning cheeses, with shoppers raving about the store's Emporium branded Persian feta cheese and Gorgonzola dolce.


Aldi cheeses
Aldi's award-winning cheeses are among the store's most popular food items. Source: Aldi

The surprising favourites

But surprisingly the clear favourite is Aldi's $5.99 Broccoli or Cauliflower Bake, found in the freezer section.

Dozens of people said it's part of their weekly shop thanks to the convenience of pouring it into a dish and cooking it in the oven.

Another product loved by many across the comments is the store’s frozen lamb shanks.

Aldi most popular
Aldi's Broccoli and Cauliflower Bakes were amongst the most popular weekly purcashes by Aldi shoppers. Source: Aldi.

The product has long been a favourite amongst shoppers, with many sharing how they dish them up.

“I cook these in the slow cooker with a couple of drops of water. Amazing!!!” One person said in a separate post about the popular product.

“They are delicious. I do mine in the oven covered on 160 for about an hour and a half. So tender,” added another.

Shoppers said they loved sharing their fave buys and seeing what others loved to pick up too.

“I love these posts. I usually end up making a list of things to try,” one person wrote.

“Other things I love for quality and value are cleaning wipes, DiSan stain remover, laundry washing liquid, Aldi brand chunky dog food, cheeses (all of them!)... there’s many others but I need to stop!”

Well, there you have it - your next Aldi shopping list is pretty much sorted.

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