Aldi's 'awesome' hack so you'll never miss out on Special Buys again

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If you’ve ever rocked up to your local Aldi store and your Special Buy is already completely sold out, you’ll want to know about this shopping hack.

One woman took to Facebook to let people in on the ‘secret’ after she arrived at her local Aldi shop and her favourite sponges were yet again sold out.


“Did everyone know that Aldi has this new stock check feature on their website?” she said.

While the feature isn’t new, there were many people who hadn't heard of it before.

“I have always found it annoying that I could never check which stores had the special buys,” she continued.


“After going to Aldi today and yet again these sponges were sold out, the check out guy mentioned this feature to me which he said has been around for a little while. Awesome idea and it even indicates if they are selling fast.”

The woman said she found the stock tracker ‘useful’ and she managed to track down what she needed by using it.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

"Thanks, never knew it existed," one person commented, while another called if "handy". 

However, others pointed out there may be some flaws with the tracker and the catch is, you can’t check until 24 hours after the stock goes on sale, so no peeking ahead of time.

"Good luck if it will search for your item..... it never works for me," one person said. 

"It’s good but doesn’t work same day the special buys are on sale. I think it’s 24 hours after," another commented. 

‘Stock Check’ Aldi Special Buys tracker

‘Stock Check Aldi’ prompts the user to enter whatever buy they have a hankering for, followed by their postcode.

Once entered, the site will display a list of nearby stores and stock information, if any is available.

The option appears on Aldi’s website on the Special Buys page under ‘check available stock’, with the new feature likely a response to issues around stock levels and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Aldi
Photo: Aldi

During the peak of lockdown across the nation, the supermarket came under fire when their notoriously popular Special Buys sales saw people throw caution to the wind, abandoning social distancing rules in the hopes of securing an air fryer, or cast iron kitchenware.

Even before the pandemic, buys like the Caviar Cream dupe of high-end brand La Prairie regularly saw vicious scenes break out in stores as shopper tussled to get their hands on limited stock.

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