Secret Aldi hack to never miss out on Special Buys again

An Aldi shopper has changed the Special Buys game for good after uncovering an online hack which means you’ll never have to queue up, only to miss out on a Special Buys ever again.

The budget supermarket chain has quietly launched a website where shopper can track Special Buys stock in stores across the nation.

Aldis supermarket launches Special Buys Stock Checker
Aldi have quietly launched a game-changing service for Special Buys shoppers. Photo: Getty Images

The ingenious website was discovered by one shopper and shared to an Aldi fan page this afternoon.

“Letting you all know that Aldi have a new website just to check on the availability of special buys,” the shopper wrote linking out to the site.


New ‘Stock Check’ Aldi Special Buys tracker

‘Stock Check Aldi’ prompts the user to enter whatever buy they have a hankering for, followed by their postcode.

Image of new Special Buys Stock Checker Aldi website
Aldi's new stock checker site lets you check Special Buys before you leave the house. Photo: Getty Images

Once entered, the site will display a list of nearby stores and stock information, if any is available.

The catch is, you can’t check until 24 hours after the stock goes on sale, so no peeking ahead of time!

A quick squiz at the Special Buys $35 Smartwatch that went on sale Saturday, December 5 will give you details of which stores have stock left, though as you can see this is a tricky one to get your hands on at this stage.

Image on Aldi Special Buy stock tracker
Entering a product name and location will provide you with details on your local stores' stock levels – if they have any left! Photo: Getty Images

Shoppers were delighted at the new find, sharing their enthusiasm on Facebook.

“Wow!” one marvelled. “Fantastic! thanks for the share, soo much easier to check stock now.”

The option now appears on Aldi’s website on the Special Buys page under ‘check available stock’, with the new feature likely a response to issues around stock levels and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Images of large crowds queuing for Special Buys at the peak of the pandemic sparked outrage. Photo: Supplied
Images of large crowds queuing for Special Buys at the peak of the pandemic sparked outrage. Photo: Supplied

During the peak of lockdown across the nation, the supermarket came under fire when their notoriously popular Special Buys sales saw people throw caution to the wind, abandoning social distancing rules in the hopes of securing an air fryer, or cast iron kitchenware.

Even before the pandemic, buys like the Caviar Cream dupe of high-end brand La Prairie regularly saw vicious scenes break out in stores as shopper tussled to get their hands on limited stock.

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