Osher Günsberg sparks social media flurry with bizarre Aldi purchase

Osher Günsberg has sparked a flurry of social media comments after he posted a photo while shopping at Aldi.

The TV host took to Instagram to share his wild purchases from the German supermarket chain, which included a chainsaw.

Osher Günsberg at Aldi.
Osher Günsberg left Aldi with soy milk, washing detergent and a chainsaw from the Special Buys aisle. Photo: Instagram/osher_gunsberg

“Soy milk, laundry liquid, chainsaw,” he captioned the post.

He added: “Went shopping with Audrey Griffin and the Aldi #aisleofdreams did not disappoint today.”

Aldi is renowned worldwide for stocking the most random and bizarre items in their Special Buys aisle located in the middle of the store.


Australian actor and singer Rob Mills commented on the post, saying “it’s one of my favourite outings #soproud”.

Both former Bachelor star Sam Wood and sportsperson Sharni Norder added laughing reactions to the photo.

Other people used the comment section as a way to share their own unique Aldi purchases.

“The other day I went to Aldi and came out with four bananas, three apples and a car battery charger,” one person wrote.

Another added: “I once bought a flute from the Aldi aisle of dreams. I don’t play the flute.”

“We went in for batteries and came out with a kayak,” a third user commented.

“My best ever purchase from Aldi was a unicycle, true story,” someone else revealed.

Another person commented on the post with an idea to tie in Aldi with Osher’s role as host of The Bachelor.

“Give the contestants a couple of hundred dollars in Aldi and see what they buy,” they wrote. “Definitely see who's a smart shopper.”

Bachelorette Brooke Blurton.
Brooke Blurton will be the first Indigenous and first openly pansexual star of The Bachelorette Australia. Photo: Channel 10

It was announced last month that former contestant Brooke Blurton would front the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, making her both the first Indigenous and first openly pansexual star of the show.

Osher said in a statement that he couldn't wait to star helping Brooke find love.

“We are a nation of people from so many different backgrounds, so many different cultures and so many different experiences, yet we all have one thing in common – we all want to be loved in a way that is meaningful to us,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get started on helping our Bachelorette Brooke find that kind of love.”

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