Kmart's 'frightening' animal toys stun shoppers: 'A bit much'

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A Kmart fan has shared her surprise after realising the farm animals she'd purchased for her toddler were a little more realistic than she expected.

Sharing photos to Facebook, the user shared a photo showing a sow toy with teats for her piglets and a bull with a somewhat anatomically correct appendage.

Kmart pig and bull toy
Kmart fans were surprised to see anatomically correct animal toys. While some slammed the move, others applauded the decision. Photo: Facebook

"Got a bit more than I bargained for when I bought my toddler the $19 bag of farm animals," she wrote. "Gotta say the detail on them is um... impressive?"

Some people were unimpressed by the level of detail on the toys with one person responding, "Why are they subjecting our kids to this..."

"That's frightening!" another added.


"Wow how the world has changed!" someone else wrote.

"I wouldn’t give those to my child, that’s too detailed," another said.

"I find the bull peen a bit much," the original poster agreed. "They haven't highlighted the genitals on any of the other animals."

Kmart farm toys
The toys were purchased in a 60-piece pack. Photo: Kmart

However, many others applauded the fact the toys were anatomically correct. 

"I think its refreshing to have such a realistic portrayal of animals," one user wrote. "[Bulls] have penises, pigs have teats, as do most other animals. Teaching your children about nature and the correct terminology for all parts is essential."

"Have you seen the horse? Lol," another wrote. "Kids need to know these things are normal, it’s only an issue if we make it an issue."

"Most kids wouldn’t even make a big deal out of it, they just ask what it is and then go okay," someone else said. "Most of the time it’s the parents make a stupid fuss over it. They are just body parts on an animal."

"I mean they have them in real life so don’t see what the fuss is," one person added.

"I think this is awesome! It's normalising genitalia, which - yep, is a completely natural part of anatomy! Go Kmart!" another applauded.

"My son would literally find this so funny," someone else said.

Others were more annoyed that the bull wasn't quite correct, with one user writing, "That's not even how a bulls bits look, I don't mind animals that look correct, my kids see it all on the farm haha, but these look more like a stallions bits than a bull."

Another agreed, responding: "You know if they are going to make the extra bits they can at least get it right."

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