Aldi shoppers outraged by ‘disgusting’ finds in dairy products: ‘Watch out for this’

Customers are venting their concerns on social media after multiple reports of mouldy goods.

Mouldy Aldi chocolate mousse.
An Aussie mum shocked Aldi shoppers when she shared her mouldy discovery in her chocolate mousses from the supermarket online. Source: Facebook

Ah, Aldi. The land of budget groceries and middle aisle treasures that sometimes make us go, "Wait, why do I need a kayak?" However recently, some Aldi shoppers are experiencing a less pleasant surprise in their dairy aisle finds, with a string of reports surfacing on social media of mouldy dairy products.

The Aldi Mums Facebook group was collectively aghast after one mum shared an image of Aldi's Brooklea Chocolate Flavoured Mousse with visible mould on the surface. She wrote, "I don't know what I'm meant to do. Checked the rest of the packets and each and every one of them is mouldy."

"Absolutely disgusting considering you put these in kids' lunch boxes and you can't pre check this stuff," she continued, before clarifying that the product was well within its expiry date.

The social media floodgates opened with comments flying in from fellow Aldi shoppers. One user bluntly advised, "Take them back or chuck 'em."


Concerns immediately extended beyond the mousse, with one commenter expressing their own frustration with dairy products from the retailer: "I've had the same issue with Aldi milk over five times now. I've stopped buying milk there altogether. Actually, most dairy products I avoid at Aldi."

Another shared a personal boycott: "We had this but with Aldi meat, we had to stop buying it."

The frustration culminated in a rather pointed question from one group member: "Why does Aldi have so much mould on their products? Do they not store things correctly? I know everyone says it's the company who makes them [that is at] fault, but it seems like Aldi is [has so many] mouldy products. I've had mouldy cheese and bread that's still well in the use-by date."

Indeed, the problem appears widespread. Another group member posted about Aldi's shredded Westacre Dairy Cheese in the same week, which showed clear signs of mould. Alongside a photo of the product, the poster cautioned, "Watch out for this cheese everyone."

Mouldy shredded cheese from Aldi.
Other Aldi shoppers complained about cheese from the store being mouldy. Source: Facebook

Agreement continued to pour in, as one shopper noted: "I find they never check their dates or produce. One day I was in there and there was a lot of off things at Aldi."

Another joked: "It's now blue cheese."


A few magnanimous users pointed out that this issue isn't exclusive to Aldi, with several mentioning similar incidents at other supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

Amidst the complaints, some voices also offered practical advice about packaging and the reality of perishable products.

"This clearly has a small pin hole on the packet and gone off," one person commented, referencing the shredded cheese. "Can happen to anything."

Another reassured that Aldi has a watertight return policy: "You would be offered an exchange or refund. No questions asked."

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Aldi for a comment, and a spokesperson did not respond directly to questions about the products found covered in mould, but said: “Aldi has stringent quality standards".

"We encourage any customer to provide feedback directly via our help centre, so we can investigate any allegations of a product not meeting expectations,” the spokesperson said.

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