Aldi shoppers lose their minds over make-at-home Maccas hack: 'Tastes exactly the same'

According to shoppers, it not only tastes the same but putting it together costs half the price!

When it comes to homemade burgers, there are plenty of hacks all over social media with tips on how to whip one up to taste just like the famous fast food ones. And now one Aldi shopper seems to have stumbled upon the same cheese used to make famed McDonald’s burgers and McMuffins.

"These burger slices are awesome! They taste exactly like Maccas cheese. It was $4 for the packet. Made BLTC muffins for lunch and burgers for dinner - it worked so well!" She excitedly told fellow Aldi fans on the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page.

Her post sent those in the more than 336,000-strong group into an absolute spin, with many asking whether others had seen the seemingly unknown product in their state.

Packed of the Aldi Easy to Melt Burger slices (left) and the cheese on a burger (right)>
The shopper excited her fellow Aldi fans with her cheesy discovery. Credit: Facebook

The ‘almost identical’ cheese is the Emporium Selection Easy to Melt Burger Slices, which are part of Aldi’s Limited Time products range.

"Off to Aldi I go," one person wrote while another said, “Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve been looking for something like this!"


But the woman who wrote the original post didn’t stop there. In a second post, she explained exactly how she puts together a McDonald’s bacon and egg McMuffin, breaking down what she included and exactly how much it costs.

"This morning made double bacon and egg muffins with all Aldi ingredients and it tasted just like a Maccas muffin,” she shared.

"My sister even commented when she Facetimed that she thought I brought it from Maccas."

The cheese on a home-made sandwich similar to a bacon and egg McMuffin.
The shopper went on to explain that she had made her own bacon and egg McMuffin with the cheese. Credit: Facebook

Breaking down the cost, she revealed she was able to make one replica McMuffin for just $2.42 compared to buying it at McDonald’s for $6.65.

And she wasn’t the only one trying to replicate Maccas at home with others sharing they too had tried their own versions of the ‘fakeaway’ meals.

“Yum! What cheese this it? All I need is to make exact Maccas hashbrowns at home and I’m totally set,” one person said.

"I love the cost breakdown! I want that cheese!" said another, with a third commenting, "Yum! I usually use the smokey cheese from Woolies but I’ll have to try this one."

The melted cheese on some home-made burgers.
Other Aldi fans shared their enthusiasm for the delicious cheese. Credit: Facebook

Meanwhile, others had already gone straight out to purchase the cheese and give it a try themselves, revealing that the results were indeed “delicious”!


“Thank you! I’m vegetarian so swapped out the bacon for a hashbrown. Also did double cheese. Bloody winner!” One person declared.

“I made these for my kids after your recommendation, it went down a treat,” another shared.

“They melt really well too. I wish they had them permanently in stock,” commented a third.

Aldi’s limited-time-only range is available in stores nationwide and includes more than 200 new and returning food, beverage and beauty products.

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