Aldi shopper finds bizarre use-by-date on popular item: 'Good bang for your buck'

Many customers had hilarious responses to the unbelievable error when it was shared online.

With the current cost of living crisis, everyone is after a good deal, whether it's on grocery items, meat or fruit and vegetables. But it seems this Aldi shopper's strange find was a little too good to be true as he left fellow Aldi fans in stitches after sharing a hilarious best-before-date label mishap. The usually short 'best-before' date on the packet of bakery goods suggested they had an unusually long shelf life.

The New South Wales shopper shared a picture on Facebook of the Bakers Life Croissants three-pack revealing a glaringly obvious problem.

“Nothing to see, just Aldi Australia croissants with 46 years of shelf life. Purchased Sunday 7/04/24,” he wrote.

Aldi best before date mistake on sticker (left) and the packaging (right).
The mishap not only confused the customer but several Aldi fans online too. Photo: Facebook

The packet of baked goods which is exclusively sold at Aldi displayed an incredibly unusual date which said the treats would be good to eat until 07/01/70.

Saying that the product was a "staple" in his house, the shopper was left responding to a flood of hilarious commentary about his simple purchase with one person saying he would be able to eat them for his 100th birthday.

And while he joked he could eat them in 64 years' time, others pointed out he may be 54 years too late.

“Or they're already off?” One person questioned. Another said: “Either that or they are extremely “out of date”.


Hilarious comments flood in on post

Meanwhile, others couldn’t resist making light of the blunder, flooding the post with dozens of hilarious comments.

“Don't you know that's what they mean by 'Good Different',” one person joked referring to the store's motto.

“That’s good bang for your buck,” another added of the $1.99 three-pack of croissants.

“No sense in rushing it then... let them mature!” Quipped another.

Aldi store entrance.
Some commenters joked that this is what Aldi meant when they said they were 'Good, Different'. Photo: Getty

Despite being a clear error, it seems it has been happening to other shoppers for some time. Several other Aldi customers commented on the post stating that their bakery items had a similar lengthy shelf life.


"Still making the same mistakes lol I got three packs of waffles last week with feb something 70," one person shared.

"I got pikelets with a similar shelf life!" added another.

Aldi Australia confirmed with Yahoo Lifestyle that the before date on this product is an error, caused by a printer glitch and noted that customers should not save the croissant until the year 2070 to eat.

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