Aldi shopper's 'awesome' magnet idea for visual grocery list: 'So cute'

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and that's exactly what Aldi shopper Michelle discovered when she shared her visual shopping list on Facebook.

"I wanted to share my Aldi magnets," Michelle, a carpenter from Pennsylvania, posted on the ALDI Aisle of Shame Community.

"I grabbed screenshots of the products I frequently buy, pasted them to a word document, printed it, laminated it, cut each one out and then stuck a tiny magnet to the back.

"I am in love with them."

Three images of magnets of Aldi products on fridges as visual shopping lists. The colourful images are en masse in the first two images, but grouped in the third.
Michelle's idea of making magnets of Aldi products was loved on Facebook. Photo: Supplied

People loved the idea, with almost 3000 likes, 100 shares and over 300 comments.

"I love these!! They are so cute and I love that you categorized them in the last photo!" one person wrote.

"THIS!!! All of THIS! You get all the yesses," another exclaimed.

"Take my money! This is awesome! And it could be an interactive grocery list!" a third added.

"So unique and crafty!! You gonna start a trend!!!" another commented, and indeed Michelle has.


"When I am low or out of something, I move it to a different spot so I can take a picture before going to Aldi," Michelle told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"My friends and family have both loved my magnets and also thought I had way too much time on my hands one day (they weren’t wrong)."

Others thought it was a brilliant educational tool.

"This would be such a great tool to keep little ones busy in the store! Or to add to some independence for special needs adults!" one wrote, and others agreed.

Loving the positive feedback

"As far as the feedback on my post, I've loved it," Michelle revealed.

"So many people really seemed to enjoy them and it's made me so happy.

"The ideas people had for other uses were also so touching.

"Many people commented with ideas about using the magnets with special needs children and adults, especially if they are non-verbal," she added.

Download your own templates

Others suggested she make money from her idea.

"You could make the printable file and sell on Etsy. Zero extra work since you already did it," one said.

But generous Michelle was happy to share her hard work with whoever wanted it.

"I have it for free," she said sharing a link to a google document.

"I was thrilled to share my word document with other people who wanted to make their own magnets," Michelle told Yahoo Lifestyle.

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