Aldi's award-winning cheese revealed – get your wine and crackers ready

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Good news for cheese lovers wanting to make a premium platter on a budget, Aldi has picked up a slew of honours for its cheeses in the 2022 Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards.

All of the cheeses entered by the budget supermarket chain cost less than $30 a kilo, with four winning a gold rating, and a whopping 17 taking home silver.

A selection of Aldi cheeses on a platter
Four of Aldi's budget cheeses have won gold at the 2022 Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards. Photo: Aldi

The hero was Aldi’s Emporium Selection Brie which, at $10.99 for a 500g wheel, is less than half the price of the other gold winner in the category, the Margaret River Triple Cream Brie, which retails for $10 for a 200g wheel.

In the mild/matured cheddar cheese category, Aldi’s Westacre Tasty Slice - which retails for $3.90 for a 250g packet - picked up a gold alongside Bega Farmers’ Tasty - which is priced at $6.25 for a 250g block.

A container of tasty cheese slices from Aldi
These tasty cheese slices are significantly cheaper than the other gold winner in the category. Photo: Aldi

Aldi’s remaining two golds were won by the Emporium Selection Ricotta - that costs $2.79 for a 375g tub - and the Westacre Manhattan Spreadable Regular Cream Cheese - which is $2.69 for a 250g tub.

Shane Aitken, Buying Director at Aldi Australia said: “We’re incredibly proud that our cheese and dairy offerings have been recognised as some of the highest quality products in Australia.

“All of these awards are a testament to our local business partners that supply us with our range. We have long-term relationships and work together to keep our offering interesting, tasty and affordable for our shoppers.”

Lots of smaller cheese labels like Maffra Cheese Company, Tilba Real Dairy, Little Creek Cheese and Floridia Cheese, scored gold in a number of categories, as did bigger name brands like Bega. You can find the full list of winners here.

A small tub of ricotta cheese from Aldi
This well-priced ricotta won gold. Photo: Aldi

The awards also included milk categories and saw Aldi pick up a gold for its Farmdale Whole Milk and Farmdale Skim Milk, while Woolies nabbed a gold for its Woolworths Skim Milk, and a silver for its Woolworths Full Cream Milk.

Other brands whose milks won gold included Farmhouse Gold, Geelong Dairy, Norco, Barambah Organics and Pauls.

Other cheese platter favourites that won gold:

Margaret River Double Cream Camembert: $10 for 200g

King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue: $8.50 for 120g

A triangle of blue cheese from King Island Dairy
This blue from King Island Dairy was a hit with the judges. Photo: King Island Dairy

Yarra Valley Dairy Hubert’s: $18.50 for 180g

Bega Strong and Bitey Vintage: $8.50 for 500g

Pyengana Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar: $12.50 for 150g

That’s Amore Cheese Burrata: $8.50 for 125g

A burrata cheese on a plate
Who doesn't love a beautiful burrata to serve alongside prosciutto and crunchy fresh bread? Photo: That’s Amore Cheese

The Aldi cheeses that won silver:

Emporium Selection Brie Cheese: $2.79 for 125g

Emporium Selection Camembert Cheese: $2.79 for 125g

Emporium Selection Ash Brie: $4.49 for 150g

Triangle of ash brie cheese from Aldi
This is the most expensive of Aldi's winners, an ash brie that costs just under $30 per kilo. Photo: Aldi

Just Organic Brie: $3.99 for 125g

Westacre Block Cheese Tasty: $5.29 for 500g

Westacre Block Cheese Light Tasty: $5.29 for 500g

Westacre Parmesan Cheese Block: $4.49 for 200g

Westacre Block Cheese Colby: $5.29 for 500g

500g block of colby cheese from Aldi
This 500g block of colby picked up a silver. Photo: Aldi

Westacre Natural Slices Vintage: $3.99 for 250g

Emporium Selection Danish Style Feta: $2.79 for 200g

Emporium Selection Greek Style Feta: $2.79 for 200g

Emporium Selection Marinated Feta: $5.49 for 350g

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