Aldi's fab home office upgrades - just in time for EOFY

Two years ago, we set up home offices with whatever we could get, but now Aldi is helping us upgrade.

Whether you are using it to work from home some days, or the kids are hijacking it when we're in the office, Aldi has something to make it as user friendly as possible.

With the end of the financial year just weeks away, it's time to get a bargain and make the most of your work expenses.

And they seem to have thought of everything.

A working from home desk set-up from Aldi including a white standup desk with stationary and potted plant against a grey wall.
An inviting desk means you're less likely to avoid going to work, even if that workplace is in your own home! Photo: Aldi

Making sure you are productive and comfortable is a priority for most people.

A Flexible Laptop Stand ($49.99), Single Arm Gas Spring Monitor Mount or Dual Arm Monitor Mount ($49.99) will give you the best use of desk space.


Speaking of desks, if you've ever wanted to try a standing desk to ensure you're not on your behind all day, Aldi has one!

The Standing Desk is just $149 and, teamed with an Ergonomic Office Chair ($99.99), you will be taking a huge step in improving and maintaining a healthy posture from 9 to 5.

A woman sitting behind a desk working on a lap top and  two office chairs by a desk
The standing desk and ergonomic chair will ensure you look after your body as well as your workload. Photo: Aldi

If your work-life balance is a bit haywire, and you feel it in your body, adding an Anti-Fatigue Mat ($44.99) to your office set-up, particularly if using a standing desk, may really help.

It is designed to help reduce the fatigue and discomfort caused by standing for extended periods.

If it's the look of your surroundings that need an upgrade, Aldi can help there too, with Desk Plants ($17.99) and the stylish Cygnett 3-in-1 Charging Stand ($49.99), which can charge three devices at once.

There are even Stainless-Steel Lunchbox and Cutlery Sets ($7.99, $9.99) so you can meal prep in style!

A selection of desk accessories including a condenser microphone, laptop stand and lunch containers from Aldi
Desk accessories such as this condenser microphone, laptop stand and lunch containers can help you level up your home office. Photo: Aldi

What else do I need?

Other things included in the range are:

  • Office Stationery $1.49 - Choose from Sticky Notes, Power Tack or Scissors

  • Assorted Whiteboard Magnets $1.99

  • Office Pens, Highlighters or Erasable Pens $1.99

  • Office Cable Organisation $2.99

  • Tablet Cushion $6.99

  • Desk Storage Accessories $7.99ea - Choose from Desk Organiser, Storage Box, Magazine Holder or Bin

  • Stainless Steel Lunchbox $7.99

  • Stainless Steel Reusable Cutlery 7 Piece Set $9.99

  • Dual USB Power Adaptor $11.99

  • Duracell Batteries $11.99

  • LED Clamp Lamp $14.99

  • Assorted Faux Plants $17.99

  • Assorted Office Accessories $24.99; choose from Full HD Webcam, Condenser Microphone, Stylus Pen 2pk or Desktop Charging Stand

  • Lenovo Keyboard and Mouse Set $39.99

  • Portable Laptop Table $39.99

  • Anti-Fatigue Mat $44.99

  • Flexible Laptop Stand $49.99

  • Cygnett 3-in-1 Charging Stand $49.99

  • Single Arm Gas Spring Monitor Mount or Dual Arm Monitor Mount $49.99

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs $99.99

  • Standing Office Desk $149

  • LG 32" Full HD IPS Monitor with HDR10 $279

With these home office enhancements, you will certainly be ready for a productive and successful financial year, without walking out your front door!

Available in-store at Aldi from Saturday, June 4.

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